Henan 50 polluting enterprises were interviewed vice governor: Samuel is tantamount to poison or – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Zhengzhou on August 29th news (reporter Li Fan Henan station reporter Shen Weihui) according to the China voice of "news" reports, "Samuel lethal poison!" Xu Ganlu, vice governor of Henan Province, with these four words to describe some serious violations of corporate units. Since July in Henan Province Environmental storm, 50 companies due to environmental problems of air pollution, being interviewed and rectification. Both gold and silver, more beautiful scenery, according to the law of accountability of polluting enterprises? Accountability, polluting enterprises discharge poison can be less? People can be more blue sky? The interviews of 50 enterprises, units, there are three main problems. There are 22 problems without the approval of the EIA approval of production problems; there are 12 exceeded the sewage problem; there are 13 air pollution control task has not yet developed a plan, serious lag in governance. There are a number of enterprises, units have been repeatedly handled, was repeatedly urged, but still did not implement the task of governance. Taking Henan University as an example, the school’s 5 ten tons of steam, 1 six tons of steam coal-fired boilers should be removed before the end of October this year, to switch to cleaner fuels, although opening municipal government and the relevant departments have supervision, but still ignore many things of the relevant departments, the work has no effect. Henan provincial Environmental Protection Bureau Director Li Heping said, "the school only emphasizes the objective reason has not yet formulated boiler Chaigai plan, now ordered Henan University must speed up the boiler Chaigai progress, must be in before the end of October this year all the demolition or switch to clean fuel, overdue able to fulfill the task of governance according to law, the accountability of the leadership." Pingdingshan City, Henan Province, Henan Blue Green Power Company Limited Yexian County branch, ultra low emission of 2 sets of 135 thousand kilowatts coal-fired generating unit project should be completed in the end of December this year, but has yet to develop self unit ultra low emission scheme. Li Heping said, "now instructed the Henan blue light environmental protection in Yexian County Power Generation Co. Ltd. Company must in September 15th started construction of coal-fired power generating units with ultra low emission renovation project, the year must be completed coal-fired power generating units with ultra low emission transformation. Overdue completion of governance tasks, will be discontinued in accordance with the law, until the ban factories in the province to grasp the typical." However, in the field of reporting the situation, more people worried and without the approval of the EIA unauthorized production problems. Anyang Tangyin County, the State Machinery Co., Ltd., the main construction and environmental impact assessment is inconsistent, and in the case of environmental protection facilities are not built, illegal production of illegal production in the case of. Li Heping said, now to the Anyang Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, shall be ordered to Tangyin County sub machinery limited company immediately stop production for rectification, must be given a fine of 180 thousand yuan, in September 10th before the implementation of the rectification in place, the acceptance of the local environmental protection department qualified rear can resume production, otherwise it will be the responsibility of the personnel concerned according to law. In the briefing, Luoshan County 14 existing perlite insulation material factory, not only without legal formalities, but most of these companies use a gas generating furnace should be eliminated. Li Heping said that although these companies have discontinued, but did not take any pollution control measures,.相关的主题文章: