Hefei, a female bus driver while driving while eating instant noodles have been suspended in an online news – Sohu Daigang November 1st hearing, according to the Anhui daily news yesterday, Hefei, a female bus driver while driving to eat instant noodles "of the net posts, aroused heated debate, various forums have been forwarded to the 25 bus driver to drive this female video eat instant noodles. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter from the Hefei public transport group where fifth bus companies understand that the driver has been waiting suspended, its behavior will also be criticized. The driver was too bold to eat instant noodles while driving." Yesterday, passengers will Hefei 25 bus this female driver video sent to the internet. In the video, the bus is in motion, the female driver in his left hand right hand barrel surface, a rotary wheel, a loose hand into his mouth a few mouthfuls of grilled noodles. It is reported that Hefei 25 bus from the red cherry Industrial Park and between the two posts East, there are between the middle of the site, is connected to the New District of Hefei,, the thirty major urban and rural public transport lines. Yesterday afternoon, the fifth bus companies Hefei bus group 25 bus from the reporter learned, when drivers have been suspended waiting list, will this criticism. It is reported that, although the young female driver, but there are more than more than and 10 years, in October 20th 11 noon succession, also didn’t eat lunch without breakfast. Even so, the fifth bus company staff said, the driver will not allow one to two, it is strictly prohibited.相关的主题文章: