HD: the nineteenth batch of peacekeepers in Liberia — military expedition warriors — people.com.cn in September 27th 20, the nineteenth batch of Chinese peacekeepers in Liberia 124 soldiers from Beijing International Airport to fly to Monrovia, the capital of Liberia mission area, rotation and eighteenth batches to Liberia peacekeeping force, began to carry out peacekeeping missions for 12 months. It is understood that the nineteenth batch of peacekeepers in Liberia by the central theater deployed the building, engineering unit 80, the thirty-eighth army Army Infantry Division formed, the main task of road bridges, fortifications, construction of water supply facilities construction engineering security task. Transport unit 44, by the army of the group of twenty-seventh brigade brigade, mainly responsible for personnel and material delivery tasks. "We go out of the country, on behalf of China soldiers, military and national image are related to every act and every move, we have to" strict in domestic, higher than usual and the strong allies’ standards, determined to complete the mission, to bring honor to the motherland, for the troops." Liberia peacekeeping engineering unit of political commissar Wang Suoyong told reporters that since August this year to accept the peacekeeping mission, many officers and soldiers of the division to sign up for the initiative Qingzhan, they are after the selection of outstanding soldiers on behalf of. The officers and men to participate in peacekeeping missions through closed training, learning English, social etiquette, peacekeeping regulations knowledge content, training also by making everyday English a pass, and knowledge manual, so that officers learn standard, material science. In addition, the task may involve Warning Defense, emergency, project operation, epidemic prevention, battlefield rescue and many other heavy and difficult to carry out targeted training courses, strengthen the ability to execute diversification of peacekeeping soldiers. (Zhu Jianhui correspondent Wang Anhong Cheng Jianfeng photo coverage) share to: (commissioning editor: Huang Zijuan, Yan Jiaqi)相关的主题文章: