Grow up with these characteristics and habits, children will benefit from life! Happy children happy mother and daughter of the children love to laugh and cry, carefree. Not only lively and active, but is not equivalent to noise. Lively children are 6 manifestations: lively expression: rich and vivid facial expressions, see smile, happy, anxious mood, joke with the adults; lively mouth: the expression clearly, love story knowledge, riddles, tongue twisters; lively sense: ever seen, heard, do remember to quickly identify the color, shape, direction is very clear; hands lively: will work, will do manual feeding, small animal, flowers and grass, is dexterous hand; lively body: the performance of the dance, love games, love sports; lively thought: love questions, discussion, debate, literacy and reading etc.. Quiet attention can not be quiet and focused people difficult to achieve great things, lively inner performance is quiet. The focus of the child, even play can also play with concentration, devoted to the play, get the greatest happiness and harvest. And can not focus on the child, the quiet down, pay attention to the dispersion, playing wild after correction to the primary school is very difficult, intellectual development will be seriously affected. Brave and confident brave and confident mainly in infants and young children are not afraid of the dark, lonely ghosts, small animal, strangers and unfamiliar environment. If the children feel very cute, even if only subconsciously feel the outpouring of emotion will be confident, and proud of it, not polite, friendly character is totally different, not to be confused. Hardworking and kind-hearted people who work from a young age to work for fun, but also concerned about people. Adults back home, the child to help you get slippers, your encouragement, the child really good, really capable is the best for him. Childhood care about their families and the people around, such a child must be a moral person. I suggest 4 ~ 5 years old children to learn to cook, children aged from 5 to 6 to learn how to cook. The child’s independent spirit independent character should be expressed in childhood that they will sleep, sit and play; after 1 years old can eat, eat well, eat fast; will go after, to do the things you love yourself; no "push" word in the dictionary of parents. If a parent to even eat seven or eight times, urging people with no sense of responsibility, after school, find a job will depend on people, where they grow? The creative spirit in the novel, love to see things like love, love, love, touch, do love; love yourself, think of ways to play, engage in small inventions; should pay special attention to the cultivation of children seeking, reverse and divergent thinking of parents. Training is a regular character, without supervision, preaching and abuse, but not a trace of the "potential education", including the educational environment, behavior education, love of education and positive suggestion etc.. Share the most abundant, the most comprehensive maternal and child safety and health; early childhood education, parenting and other aspects of the information, and with the baby grow up healthy and happy! Everything in the Po mom class, focus on methods: micro signal: baomakt (public number search B.)相关的主题文章: