Gansu Yuzhong to "food" as the culinary Competition Promoting the development of rural tourism (Figure) – Beijing Beijing in September 13 Lanzhou Xinhua (reporter Liu Yutao) 13 days, about one hundred chefs gathered in Gansu County of Yuzhong, the scene of cooking competition, common radish, melon, flour, after you cook, carving a cooking, into strange shapes, colorful delicacy, attracted onlookers praised the pictures. On the same day, the sixth session of Gansu province (home cup) hotel service skills competition and the first Yuzhong county rural leisure tourism food competition held. Hold the delicacy competition, through the competition aims to fully display the local characteristics of Yuzhong delicacy, vigorously develop rural tourism industry, comprehensively promote the creation of national comprehensive tourism demonstration county process. The delicacy game theme "enjoy healthy delicacy, experience rural life", competition will be selected "Yuzhong farm snack", "Yuzhong farmhouse dishes", "Yuzhong farm Chef" and "Yuzhong brand farmhouse 10, by the Gansu Hotel Association awarded medals, certificates and prizes for each 1000 yuan. For a contest "heaven and earth". Liu Yutao photographed this contest for the Yuzhong County Hotel, hotel, hotel and Leisure Resort Park, and other tourism related business units, the entries in order to highlight the local characteristics of farmers of Yuzhong food, small material by the competitors themselves, prohibit the use of banned National Animal and plant raw materials, prohibit the use of artificial colors, full license is valid personal, health, good quality thinking, love their work, and unique cooking skills, in the peer business has a good performance and social reputation of the units and individuals can participate. Yuzhong county is known as "Silk Road City, the provincial capital" throat "of the red culture, history, culture, geographical and cultural heritage, the national 4A level scenic area, the Loess Plateau with spruce Xinglongshan Mountain, the highest peak of the horse? Summer resort, beach ditch, Qingcheng town the Yellow River, lotus pond, the flow around the wetland tourism resources such as the peace of Paeonia rockii. Rich. In recent years, Yuzhong county to create national global tourism demonstration county as an opportunity to accelerate the booming mountain scenic spot of ecological cultural tourism, Qingcheng town protection, preservation of the the Great Wall ruins, Su Ming Tomb culture tourism development, accelerate the development of cultural tourism industry, to create "mountain water Longyou culture tourism", to promote the depth of tourism and cultural integration and common development. At the same time, the county also actively guide and support the development of rural tourism, farmhouse tourism participation of farmers has reached 380 households, including: four-star farmhouse 231, large 82, rural leisure tourism has become an important content of the tourism industry, the farmers shake off poverty, played a prominent role. Yuzhong County deputy magistrate Su Wancheng said that the contestants through competition, mutual exchanges, learn from each other, learn from each other, to further improve their skill level. At the same time, the county will be the contest as an opportunity to vigorously promote the rural leisure travel industry, accelerate the development of tourism and cultural undertakings, and strive to become Yuzhong in Xinglongshan Nature Reserve as the representative of tourism products, many rich cultural connotation and distinctive local characteristics, national tourism infrastructure after the famous preparation, good ecological environment, tourism service standard)相关的主题文章: