Gang copy hundreds of large supermarket shopping card more profit more than 80 thousand – Beijing to buy large supermarket shopping card, copy the magnetic stripe card really after the sale, the copy of the shopping card brush empty account. Recently, Jiangsu Runzhou District Procuratorate of Zhenjiang province to be suspected of crime of fraud, Liu Li, Zuo Shun, Su Kai Xu Hong approved the arrest. In January this year, Liu Li in order to fast money, and then discuss the shopping card copy open sue to get money, and for the left, Xu Hong et al. A few people agreed, by Liu Li to a large supermarket chain purchase value of 1000 yuan shopping card, Su open notebook computer, card reader equipment such as copy shopping card magnetic stripe, copy after the success of Liu Li to the nearby supermarket to find "cattle" really sell at a discount shopping card. To be "cattle" to the supermarket shopping card amount and payment verification to Liu Li, Xu Hong, et al. Left Shun immediately went to the supermarket and other chain stores, holding a copy of the shopping card to buy high-end mobile phone, high-grade tobacco and other items, air brush really shopping the amount of the card, and then realized remote fence. Liu Li et al. Using this method, has fled Shanghai, Anhui Hefei and other places of crime number, copy the shopping cards more than 100, profit 8 yuan. In March this year, fled to Sichuan Mianyang Liu Li, Su Kai was arrested police, left Shun, Xu Hong et al in Jiangsu Huaian arrested. (Run Jian)相关的主题文章: