From the various mathematical ideas, the idea of the product for the idea – Sohu technology Internet product design is a university, a user needs, to meet the user’s psychological design. Mathematics, as the basic science of human beings, is the cornerstone of all other sciences. So how does mathematics associate with product design? Mathematics as a science, the way of thinking is the core of solving mathematical problems, with a complete, clear thinking can easily solve difficult mathematical problems. For product managers, thinking is a core skill. When the mathematical thinking of the product ideas, then how will wipe out the spark? The general way of thinking in mathematics, or mathematics thought is mainly divided into function and equation thought, thought numeral form combination, classification discussion idea, the overall thought of the idea, the implied conditions, analogy, modeling, inductive reasoning thought, limit thought etc.. Let me from the above mathematical ideas in the extension of the idea of product ideas. The idea of function and equation: we can use the idea of function and equation to solve the problem of data in product design. Function is established and should be the relationship between independent variables, through a particular functional relationship can accurately predict the future trend of development, has great application for the analysis of product data. Equation ideology is through an equality or inequality derived from the conclusion we want, this equation is not necessarily strictly mathematical equations, there may be a sense of the abstract equation, such as success = failure lessons + + experience. In product design, sometimes in order to promote user activity, we may increase the user incentive system, through integration, attendance, rank, privilege, medal and task to promote active users, this time, there is a clear sign of integral equation: total score = + + task level integral integral, total score and decision your privilege and medal etc.. Another example of the narrow product manager, there are three major responsibilities, namely, user needs analysis, product design and project management. So there is the following simple function relationship, as long as your three independent variables are very good, then it means that you are at least a good product manager. The shape of the product design of the origin of the birth of a product, so the prototype design is good, and the basic decision of the future trend of the product. The prototype is designed to show what we want to be in shape. For example, we want to design a login interface, which elements of the interface? What functions should be implemented? What is the logic of each function? We can not simply to express through the text, should be to achieve the prototype map to give out, so that the UI design, interactive design and technical development are of guiding significance. For example, in the data analysis of the product, a large number of data intuitively reflect the value of it? Then we need to count.相关的主题文章: