UnCategorized When it comes to the Internet, you have a few billion options in front of you when it comes to "posting" ads. One of the more popular ways is to go with a free classified site to post ads. These free classified sites are going to allow you all kinds of options such as where to post your ad (categories), where you want the ad to be seen (location), how you want the ad to look (visually), and what you want to say in the ad (descriptions and prices). This is ultimately going to allow you to post whatever you want in order to get the sale you want or to accomplish a certain thing. Some people go on these free classifieds to post products, items and services. While other people go on looking for other people for things like jobs, services or even dating. For the most part you can post whatever kinds of ads that you want to post as long as they are not threatening, illegal, racial or violent – but this is common sense. I don’t know any sites that LET you post these kinds of things! Once you figure out what you want your ad to say and you choose the options you want – you can post free ads. Then, people are going to contact you for that specific ad. So for instance, if you post in the automotive repair section in Pittsburgh PA – you will have people contacting you for your repair service that are in the area. For instance: Professional Auto Mechanic: Professional auto mechanic with 20+ years experience looking for side work in the evenings and on weekends. No job to big or small everything from brakes and routine maintenance to major engine repairs and most repairs can be made at your location (home, office, wherever you need). All my work is fully guaranteed and I do have references upon request. Bottom line here is I can save you big money over repair shops and more important I can save you time by coming to you. If this is your ad you will have people contacting you through your email address – which is most likely going to be anonymized. This means that while the posters and repliers cant see your email address directly, when they reply to the encrypted email address, it will be set TO your correct email address. It’s always a good idea to enter in an anonymous email address that way people can’t spam you or see your real email address, it’s all about anonymity. But it’s also a good idea to sign up for an account, so if people do email your anonymous email address it will get forwarded to your real email address so you can answer people’s questions. The questions (while sometimes mundane) are going to be important for you to answer. A lot of the time people simply want to have an inquiry answered so they can better understand how something works, or what you can do for them. By answering these questions and these emails for the free ads on the free classifieds, you can UP your chance for a sale. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: