The French "chic" landing in Hefei Anhui interpretation of imported wine "second season" – Sohu and today, import Wine is no longer China consumers "mystery guest", they had already removed the "exotic" aura "daily consumer goods". In the past two years, imported wine and other consumer goods, like the test of the market downturn. Since the beginning of this year, the imported wine market trend to pick up in the first half sales rose 40%. Accept the "consolidation period" stagnant growth test after the major Wine brand, pay special attention to the new arrival of the "second season" market boom. Many international well-known Wine business has already been swaying, and strive to grasp the new market opportunities. The first attack is still China market "xiangbobo" — France’s Wine. Earlier this year, the French company’s "benta, chic" series of products, will become the National Fencing Team Signed Chinese designated Wine. This 291 year history of the "legend", after entering the Chinese market for five years, determined to become a new market of imported Wine drama season "starring". In August 30th, the French company’s "benta, chic" series of Wine national public investment will be the sixth station landing in Hefei. Business meeting, benta Jess company and the "chic" of the Wine China agent in Beijing Bai mellow liquor jointly, for the import of Wine market in the second quarter, made a comprehensive "spoilers". Hefei mark: the thriving Wine market next to Jiangsu and Zhejiang, an important region of Anhui is located in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone, the Yangtze River Delta city group is the capital of Hefei has become one of the 6 major international group of world-class city. Superior geographical conditions and the pace of life in line with international standards so that the people of Anhui are not unfamiliar with imported wine. Thanks to the rapid growth of economic strength in recent years, with the volume of the increasingly large middle class crowd, the development of Anhui wine market thriving. Ding Youzhen, President of the Bai mellow wine, the middle class has a rigid consumer demand stable to Wine life, have a strong ability to identify Wine, and pay attention to their own preferences, not prone to follow the trend of consumption. Because of this, the company, benta market experience shows that, no matter which country in the world, the middle class has concentrated French Wine mainstream enthusiasts and consumers. "On the other hand, the wine market in Anhui has an immeasurable potential." Bai mellow wine company president Ding Youzhen said, "Wine is a symbol of quality of life, the development of regional market and its social environment. As we all know, Anhui people’s consumption awareness and consumption level is significantly ahead of the same in the middle of Jiangxi and Henan, which provides a soft guarantee for the sustainable development of the wine economy. More exciting is the Anhui province Wine overall consumer environment: not only is the capital of Hefei, and some coastal city group in southern Anhui Province Wine atmosphere is located in the central provinces and even the whole country." Therefore, fully tap the potential of the market in Anhui, and to seize the opportunity to high-quality products, is the top priority of imported wine. "We seriously try to figure out the Anhui consumers.相关的主题文章: