Fosun global explosion of another victory to buy German private bank completed the acquisition of U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes to warrant Fosun German private bank takeover in September 9th, Fosun International Ltd (referred to as 00656.HK, Fosun) announced the formal completion of the German Hauck & Aufh user ("H&? A) private bank equity acquisition delivery, the successful acquisition of a 99.91% interest in A H&. The investment amount of the transaction is approximately 210 million euros. Through the acquisition of H& A, Fosun will continue to increase in the German and European market comprehensive financial ability. "We are pleased with the positive decisions and support of the European Central Bank and the financial regulator. The acquisition of H& A is a strategic investment for us, and provides us with access to major European economies." Fosun chairman Guo Guangchang said, "with the help of our investment plan and abundant international resources, we can help H& A in Germany and Europe; to strengthen the banking market status, as well as from China and other Asian investors to provide investment opportunities in the German market." "In the long-term shareholder Fosun support, we have the ability to build a bridge to invest in Germany and Europe Chinese company. At the same time, we can also help German companies to enter the Chinese market. H& A will depend on the quality of the brand as in the past and independence, become the customer reliable partner ", H& A’s management said," in the past few months, we fully understand the cooperation with Fosun can bring us opportunities, and has begun to carry out China business system. And Fosun together, we will increasingly use a synergistic effect, and significantly extended to enrich our investment field. "H& A in the last five years, the owner’s equity has increased substantially, creating a sound basis for the owner’s equity. In many areas, such as asset services, small cap equity business, the bank’s performance in recent years, the growth rate is higher than the industry average, the business expanded to the core market in europe. Since 2013, the bank’s asset management has increased by nearly 50%. H& A makes the successful acquisition of overseas financial layout Fosun Fosun will continue to expand a tiger with wings added, in the field of private banking and wealth management layout. H& A private banking is one of the few independent private banks in Germany, with a history of 220 years. The bank in 1998 by two very traditional private bank merger: 1796 in the United States because of the establishment of the Frankfurt River Georg Hauck & Sohn Bankiers bank, and opened in Munich in 1870 of the Bankhaus H.Aufh user bank?. The bank currently operates in Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Cologne and Luxemburg, focus on comprehensive consulting services, as well as for Cong相关的主题文章: