Follow me with you to eat Yunnan Tourism – Sohu beautiful Erhai, majestic mountains, the sky and the lake in the distance is, where is this? My traveler came all the way to the direction of them here to the blue sky, green lake to here, to here in Ge Sanghua, but also to that of a different life. In addition to these, there are delicious snacks. The journey, this journey as idle away in seeking pleasure, lack of enough taste. The first thing to mention is the bridge across Yunnan. The noodle is the special food of Yunnan, is in the top grade rice, with exquisite materials, excellent workmanship, eat unique, unique flavor and famous. Fresh and delicious, have a distinctive flavour. Cross the bridge vermicelli is divided into a variety of 10-20 yuan or so. The rice noodle premium have a bowl of hot soup, a bowl of noodles, more than and 10 small dishes, put all kinds of meat, cucumber, cabbage, bean curd, egg, pickled vegetables and other ingredients. A small dish of vegetables and meat to the soup to a hot then cooked. Delicious noodle soup, soft and smooth, with water and a variety of papaya dish is more perfect. Recommended Hotel: Kunming Park, time-honored noodle chain restaurants, affordable, taste authentic. There’s one in the train station. The pot noodle rice noodle and cooking methods Kunming people most love, the main feature is that the nanowires are in the charcoal with a small pot to boil, add the meat is fresh and fragrant, vermicelli, vermicelli is popular in Yunnan Province, the province, by the people of all nationalities favorite snacks, and eat a variety, both cool and hot. Recommended stores: Wanfeng vermicelli pot, or find a small alley, you will not be disappointed "burn the bait" is a kind of folk custom of Yunnan local snacks. It is cooked rice pressed into massive, usually circular Griddle Cake. Grilled over charcoal, and then coated with sauce and vegetables can be trapped. It looks ordinary tofu and tofu have what difference, but when cooked tofu will bite open outflow white slurry so named patina tofu, fried and baked food generally the most common, fried to eat hot and baked to wait, there is more than a little warm when the most beautiful. Grilled tofu patina to master a temperature and time, long time baking slurry on the less natural, delicious will discount. A main dish dish three Dieshui Naxi third fold — warm in the stack. Its approach is not complicated, the material is extremely simple, but also acceptable to the public taste. The use of secret good pot stewed ribs, do not add any seasoning, stewed spareribs to soft and not from the bone, this time you can smell the smell of thick ribs. Because the dishes, the restaurant of Lijiang almost can eat ribs. Bubble tips: describe differential ribs material good method, is to see the bone ribs or spine. Although some restaurant is not much, but they are ribs; some restaurant opposite, may be a lot of volume, but most of them are the backbone, for a long time did not bite to eat what. La ribs recommended in November to February to eat, other seasons, especially in the rainy season is not recommended. The dining environment is mostly stall. Diners will feel more like a hot taste in the Naxi fish eat fermented black bean dace, but a little bit spicy. Fried with slightly spicy.相关的主题文章: