Fashion-Style If you want to have a clear idea about the diamond stud earrings, then read this article, here you can see the information about diamond stud earrings in an investigation way. This five ws approach is generally called as an information gathering report. The idea behind this is, it is possible to get an answer if we analyze a situation in an interrogative way and this what I have approached here. Who, when, where, why and what are the five different question that is called as five Ws. Ask yourself Who can be called as the best diamond studs dealer? Where to find the best diamond stud earrings? When a diamond earring stud is called as a best one? Why a diamond should be certified diamond? What are the four different Cs of the diamond? Who can be called as the best diamond studs dealers? One who sell the original diamond studs with all the characteristics and qualities of the diamond are called as the best dealers. The best diamond seller will be having expert gemologists and provide you 100% secure diamond with full year warranty. From those dealers, you can find the largest selection of diamonds with lowest price guarantee and in unbeatable prices. Where to find the best diamond stud earrings? You can find the best diamond stud earrings from the diamond studs shop and you can find lot of information about them in the internet search engines and search them through their keywords and you can find a list of .pany who are best in dealing with diamonds. From that select the shops you want, and then identify their experience in the field and see how long they are in the field and also, see their reputation. Buying the diamonds can be .plex so select and identify the best dealers and find the good one . When a diamond earring stud is called as a best one? When a diamond earring stud reflects the 4 Cs properly and has a 100% certified with good reflection, then it can be called as the best one. A good diamond will be a flawless one and avail in good clarity. Why a diamond should be a certified diamond? Diamond grading report is generally called as a diamond certificate and it is a professional evaluation of diamonds quality and a certified diamond will give you the feeling that the diamond you buy is a guaranteed one and also a quality one. It gauges the stone replacement value for insurance purposes and it allows you to determine which diamond is a better value for you. The certified diamond report consists of .ments about the presence and absence of fluorescence in diamond. What are the four different Cs of the diamond? Carat, color, cut and clarity are the four different Cs of the diamond and these are the tools to evaluate the value of the diamond. Carat expresses the weight, cut refers to the skill of the diamond cutting and it is used to evaluate the value and price of the diamond. 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