Dental-Care There’s something of a problem at the moment with finding and advertising dental jobs. UK dental surgeries and dental professionals have been finding it something of a challenge locating each other. It’s a problem that’s been going on for some time, and despite the best efforts of dental recruitment agency services, the problem has been getting progressively worse. Until now. Because finally it looks as though the world of dentistry is about to change significantly for the better. For anyone looking for dental jobs in the UK there have until recently been only three main ways of achieving success. The first option is to scour the job vacancies advertised in relevant magazines and in some papers, although this is unlikely to provide information on all dental vacancies, or those which just happen to be in a convenient location. The second option has been for dental professionals to send copies of their CV to local dental surgeries in the hope of there either being a vacancy, or being contacted once a vacancy arises. The third option is of course to use a dental recruitment agency, and in most cases this is what people have done. However, this can very often take many weeks, and doesn’t always seem to offer the degree of success which one should either expect or require. But the truth is that from the point of view of dental surgeries the problem isn’t much better. For any dental surgery with a position to fill there have been three main choices. Either advertise in relevant magazines or papers, which can cost hundreds or thousands of pounds, with limited circulation and no guarantee that the right people will ever see the advertisement. The second option is to go through records of potential applicants who may have sent their CV in, although the chance of the right person still being available, or even living in the same area, is often quite small. CVs may be kept on file for months or even years before needed, by which time they are of little use. The third option is of course to use a dental recruitment agency. But for dental surgeries looking for the right professional this can be an expensive process, with the average surgery racking up bills of thousands of pounds in recruitment agency fees. This often causes surgeries to limit the number of agencies they use, the number of times they use an agency, and the period of time they advertise with the agency, all of which reduces the chance of finding the right person. But the world of dental vacancies in the UK is changing, with a new alternative to using a dental recruitment agency offering huge potential for dental professionals and dental surgeries to find each other more successfully, more quickly, and much more affordably. A new online network specially designed to help dental surgeries advertising dental jobs in the UK, and dental professionals looking for suitable vacancies find each other has been established. It is the only online network in the UK designed for dental professionals, and is already having a very significant impact on the success of finding dental professionals and finding suitable dental vacancies. The network provides the facility for dental professionals to submit their CVs, at no cost, and to create a profile page. All identifying information is kept private, such as name, address, photograph and current employer. Dental surgeries can then either advertise their vacancies free of charge, or search dental professionals, browsing their profiles for free. Dental surgeries can then either contact potential candidates directly, who may then elect whether or not to release their identifiable data or not, or wait for dental professionals looking for vacancies to apply for advertised positions. Either way, the benefit is that as there is no middleman taking time to process applications and search jobs, there’s no costs involved, and the process takes a great deal less time. For surgeries looking to advertise dental jobs in the UK, or for professionals who want a better service than one provided by a dental recruitment agency, the new online network provides a more successful and effective solution. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: