Figure CNCC | at the Institute of computing the "God" how to cloud computing will bring a qualitative leap – Sohu of our technology Bao Yungang teacher in life early seems to be unknown to the public, although the "unknown to the public" are enough to make me dumbass service posts posts to offer their knees. Bao received a Bachelor of Science degree from Nanjing University in 2003, and entered the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of computing master and doctoral study. From the public record, until master, packet teacher learning career seemed somewhat subdued. However, from the beginning of the doctor, more than ten years of accumulation began to focus on the outbreak. Read during the period, the teacher led the team designing package access monitoring system has a unique advantage, provide more than 2TB data access traces for the Stanford University, EPFL, Tsinghua University, HUAWEI, South Korea Hynix more than a dozen institutions; put forward the DMA Cache technology based on the division of the road, only in the period of 2014 Intel high-end processor Xeon chip in use the technical route of the same package, to know the teacher but 08 years have graduated with a PhD; doctoral research at the Princeton University started publishing multi core benchmark version of PARSEC 3, by the three top international conference on architecture of more than 70% of the proposed new server architecture; software defined PARD (ASPLOS’15)…… Wait, I know you now may all face Meng force: memory is what? What the hell is the division of the road? DMA what is it? In fact, this is the teacher’s research project package: the research content of computer architecture, this subject is to try every way by improving the structure of hardware and software of the means to improve the operating efficiency of computer. Some of the students know the computer may wonder. Is the computer structure not very simple? The motherboard inserted above CPU, insert a memory, then plug the hard disk to boot, really want to play good point to buy a graphics card, installed an operating system to run, do not know how much enthusiasm ah, and now CPU operation so fast, even looks like a super complex formula two brush it out. Also if the operating efficiency is not high? On the contrary however and in fact we imagine, it is because CPU faster and faster, far more than other computer equipment can adapt to speed, which leads to if not at the micro level are very reasonable computing architecture, will make the computer operation ability facing enormous waste. Let me give you a hand painting the soul for a very simple example, below is a simplified computer structure, we all know that the computer is not run by a component alone, for example, to run the one thousand code, in the structure of modern computer, we will first write good code save to disk, and then need to run time, the memory will call this code to its storage space, and then transmitted through a bus system to run CPU, CPU to complete the operation after the results output to these results!相关的主题文章: