Fifteen moon seventeen round Han Geng Chris Yu Adu Changchun sing concert grand Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the last day of the fifteen moon seventeen round. 19:30 on September 17th, with Princess group Migu and Ta friends stars concert in Changchun Wuhuan stadium opened. Han Geng, Chris Yu and Adu on stage to dance and sing in more than 2 hours of performances, over ten thousand spectators cheering and shouting from wuhuan. Concert scene, the Mid Autumn Festival in Changchun night, the temperature is low, but people appreciate the beauty, the pursuit of beauty, memories of the United States of passion, so that the 17 day of the night instantly heated up. It’s an hour before the concert starts, and people are coming from all directions and coming in spontaneously. 19:20, the concert ticket seats have been full, nearly ten thousand people hold breath to wait for the opening. The concert grand concert invited the versatile artist Han Geng, singer Adu faction, emotion and voice are extremely delicate good man Chris Yu, three different times, different experiences, different style, different regions of the music man will impact what kind of passion? Everybody is looking forward to it. After a passionate and hot opening dance, Chris Yu was on the stage. The song "love" under the audience, delicate and touching "White Lover" let the audience burst into applause. Adu used his husky, magnetic, chic voice to dedicate several famous tracks to the audience and quickly dragged the audience into their memory. "The concert scene," these old songs are particularly pleasant, especially classic, but these years do not often listen to, tonight to visit the scene to review classics, face the idol of the heart, listen to the popular melody so far, it feels great." Changchun citizen Ms. Zhu said, "the classic is the classic, is that whenever and wherever, as long as the melody sounded, you will unconsciously recall the heart, not singing in the mouth." The concert scene, grand concert scene, versatile artist Han Geng on the stage, instantly burst the scene of the concert warm atmosphere. "Han Geng, I love you."." "Han Geng, come on!" Han Geng fans from all over the province, "Jilin Geng Wo" screaming, shouting and white sound emerge one after another. The enthusiasm of fans and audience, in exchange for Han Geng’s warm response, quick song flowing, dancing and smart, Han Geng offers you "clown mask", "the girl" and a series of popular songs. The 17 day at 21:45, full of Fei group Migu and Ta friends stars concert in the applause and give up the curtain. Full crown group responsible person said, full crown as micro business platform, will provide more support and space for more entrepreneurs, Changchun people will also offer more wonderful.

十五月亮十七圆 韩庚游鸿明阿杜长春飙歌 演唱会现场盛况   中秋小长假最后一天,十五的月亮十七圆。9月17日19时30分,满妃集团咪咕和Ta的朋友群星演唱会在长春市五环体育馆拉开帷幕。韩庚、游鸿明和阿杜登台献艺送上劲歌热舞,在2个多小时的精彩演出里,近万名观众的欢呼声和呐喊声响彻五环体育馆上空。 演唱会现场盛况   中秋节后的长春夜晚,气温较低,但人们欣赏美、追求美、回忆美的热情让17日的夜晚瞬间炽热起来。距离演唱会开幕还有一小时的时间,人们已经从四面八方涌来并自发排队有序进场。19时20分,本次演唱会的售票坐席已经全部坐满,近万人屏住呼吸以待开场。 演唱会现场盛况   本场演唱会邀请了全能型艺人韩庚,实力派歌者阿杜,情感和声音都极其细腻的好男人游鸿明,三个不同时代、不同经历、不同风格、不同地域的男人将会用音乐碰撞出怎样的激情?大家翘首以待。   一段激情热辣的开场舞过后,游鸿明潇洒登台。一曲《下沙》情动全场,细腻、感人的《白色恋人》让听众掌声雷动。   阿杜用他沙哑却富有磁性的别致嗓音为大家倾情奉献了几首成名曲目,很快将观众拉进他们的记忆深处。 演唱会现场盛况   “这些老歌特别好听,特别经典,只是这些年不经常去听了,今夜亲临现场重温经典,面对心中的偶像,倾听流行至今的美好旋律,感觉棒极了。”长春市民朱女士说,“经典之所以是经典,就在于无论何时,无论何地,只要旋律响起,你心中就会不自觉的回想,口中不住地吟唱。” 演唱会现场盛况 演唱会现场盛况   全能型艺人韩庚的登台,瞬间点爆了演唱会现场的热烈气氛。“韩庚,我爱你。”“韩庚,加油!”来自我省各地的韩庚粉丝“吉林庚窝”尖叫声、呐喊声和表白声此起彼伏。粉丝和观众的热情,换来韩庚的热烈回应,快歌流畅,劲舞灵动,韩庚为大家献上《小丑面具》、《那个女孩》等一系列广受欢迎的歌曲。   17日21时45分,满妃集团咪咕和Ta的朋友群星演唱会在大家的掌声和不舍中落下帷幕。满妃集团负责人表示,满妃作为微商平台,将为更多的创业者提供支持和空间,也将为长春市民献上更多精彩。相关的主题文章: