Feng Shanshan for the state to pick up pine LPGA Chinese elite second tournament crown – Sohu if in the first half of the season, "little China local first Grand Slam champion Feng Shanshan a little decline, but nearly two months of state and performance, has made her" pine LPGA China easea: fine from Ali Sports Association presented "favorites. So far, Feng Shanshan this season on the LPGA tour to participate in 15 races, a total of 5 times to enter the top ten, but she has missed the top three. Feng Shanshan was calm in the face, also explains the reasons behind in Evian during the tournament: "I think is my shots aren’t as accurate, so I don’t have much chance to catch the bird. In addition, my putter is not stable enough, sometimes good, sometimes bad." But at least two points let us look forward to returning to Feng Shanshan bin battlefield. This year, Feng Shanshan two home race, have achieved remarkable results. The Buick Championship held in Shanghai in May, Feng Shanshan staged reverse play, in the playoff defeat "cute" Cui Luolian, won the women’s European tour champion. In July Feng Shanshan Kumho tire women’s open, with a difference behind Jahana enters the final round, the very first chance to win the women’s Korean tour match. Unfortunately, the last round, Li Minying took the title A new force suddenly rises.. Despite this, Feng Shanshan still won the runner up by one stroke. The August Rio De Janeiro Olympic Games, Feng Shanshan in the case of a poor start, Houjinshizu finally hit three 67-68-69, launched a fierce offensive, culminating in the Pu Ren Fei and KBA? After won the Olympic bronze medal, becoming the first medal in the Olympic Games golf player on the Chinese (men and women). Another significance of this medal is that this is the first time since 1900, women’s Golf return to the Olympic games. "The past month has the most unforgettable memory of my life," Feng Shanshan said. "I was lucky enough to win a medal in the olympics. It makes me feel proud and proud. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have helped me along the way." Feng Shanshan did not state after the Olympics fell down, in fact, she won the title again the opportunity last year grand slam tournament evian. Unfortunately, Da Nichi played very well, but also broke the record in Grand Slam 72 hole and the scarlet letter record, eventually won the trophy. Despite this, Feng Shanshan still achieved fourth place. Two consecutive World’s top game, Feng Shanshan have performed so well, she must have been ready to the Hua Bin LPGA China Elite – by Ali sports joint show champion impact. In particular, Niklaus manor manor stadium, she is very familiar with, but also quite suitable for. In 2013, she hit a pole incredible in the last hole, defeated Staci Lewis, won the "a significant victory". "Hua Bin LPGA Chinese elite has special meaning to me, not only because of the support that Bin Bin has been to me all the time, but also because of my support.相关的主题文章: