Female guests said Meng Fei did not taste man Huang Lan tree model for single parents – Sohu   entertainment; entertainment news last week, "Meng Fei Sohu" If You Are The One edge to broadcast, and transposition of the major revision harvest rave reviews, netizens have said "live long", 24 male guests of the picture is too beautiful! Tomorrow 21:10 will usher in the "second program women choose men", this episode, candid female guests "scent of a man", Meng Fei "not manly pride" stunned the crowd more, Huang Lan think aloud, sharing a single mother should have the attitude, more exciting content, please look! The female guest "scent of a man called Meng Fei" no man "after the five bit high color value of female guests to pave the way, the audience have said to feel the" high quality "non honest female guests, from appearance to inner, the sections are captured many big brother. This program also has a high value of Yan female guests from the northeast, she was a outspokenness, said he had a special preference for perfume, can man fragrance, to distinguish his character and taste. It is a reality version of "scent of a man"! Of course, such a powerful skill to be certified! Then, curious Meng grandfather picked up a few readily male guests, and covered the female guest’s eyes, let her "scent", the female guest seconds recognize foreign guy, the accuracy of the results stunned the crowd! A 2 male guests "virgin" is the female guest evaluation did not taste, gave away the secret, attracted Meng old driver laugh Tucao: women think you didn’t taste, this particular example problem!" Alluding to the male guests not man, the scene caused a burst of laughter. Unexpectedly, then the female guest would blunt evaluation: "Meng Meng grandfather teacher who did not like what." As a result, Meng grandfather forced and "virgin" equate in the "no man" camp, Grandpa Meng you this is their own digging dancing! See this, Meng grandfather also had to express his good grievance, good disgrace, helpless smile turned over the audience! Huang Lan to share the feelings of a single mother admitted that he would like to find a love this episode also ushered in a non honest old friends – from Japan, a single mother with rattan love. Female guests can say is the combination of the advantages of Japan and Chinese all women, family virtuous and sexy, capable and intelligent multi gold. However, once again return, Takuma sdevoted to love the child’s point of view, sparked Huang Lan as a single mother with emotion. Huang Lan for the first time in the show to disclose their aspirations, said she was afraid that someone told her to give her two children as a father, said that now is not to give the child to find a father, but want to find a lover. And to enlighten female guests want to live for myself, for children, not to provide him with the best external conditions he will be happy, the parents have to do a happy example for him, with real love to tell him the good life. For these words Huang Lan, Meng grandpa nodded approvingly and denounced "I don’t care, as long as the child is good" this kind of idea of single parents, angry said: "the only thing that will make you children live a happy life, is between you and your spouse to remarry, but firmly!相关的主题文章: