Feel you missed one hundred million! Eleven than any historical best discount since the singles were forcibly plus a double eleven shopping festival name, on the blood of both the domestic various business on that day, let all kinds of seckill, dazzling flash sale seems filled with value, but with many tricky routines the. For the majority of the game player came from PC, a veteran in battle, the calendar year Steam real promotion way, must have already acquired a body piercing eye ability. In this year’s double eleven day, we arranged for the following games in the history of the strongest discount Steam, the old drivers here to look back, whether or not to grasp it? 1, G Fat Free Giveaway | representative game: "survival Road 2" "portal" hell "frontier" used to the hard-earned money squandered for free Steamer, two words and it is not very hard, after all, there are too many Steam F2P free games and free of charge by the weekend. So, when the V real time wasteful agency works a popular free broadcast, many game player are not promptly recovered, until the major media headlines are "free" portal "" news firmly occupy, we seemed to see the fat body in general living Buddha G. And when we had 3 free "portal", a "dead 2" and the V agency generous accustomed, face free to send this year early "limbo" Shucu, was shocked to. This can not help but think of the next G fat phase of the shining star, who would it be? "Portal" survival "road", "hell", a border 2 Yuan Xi and a | representative works: "to the moon" "magic" can be compared to "play the game", a lot of game player for "joy plus one" enthusiasm is more high, so a lot of time, buy a completely not open the game even become such a common thing. In fact, when our eyes filled with too many times "75%off" or "90%off" label, will indeed make some irrational and possessed by ghosts, too late to regret. In spite of this, we can still find a lot of joy with a superb collection of beautiful things in good quality works in the game, and has been in RMB pricing of cedar fruit is more easily in the mall inadvertently create some excitement. 1 yuan "to the moon" "magic" can enrich the many domestic game player game library, and this year’s double eleven activities will bring "Sniper: Ghost Warrior" "commandos" "refuge" and the balance of 30 1 yuan discount. Think of 1 days later, we will be very good income, we can not help but ask: Here you are toward which a "collection level" of the? "To the moon" "magic" can to cedar fruit double eleven special view to promote the activities of 3, 1 yuan flash game: "| charity package represents the soul killer" has not experienced Steam old China (15 years before November) of the game player, may not understand when we first saw "mind killer" and the independent development of content "American nightmare.相关的主题文章: