Grandfather daughter-in-law do ID to the police station for accidental exposure is a new network of daughter-in-law fugitive – newspaper news (reporter correspondent Zhang Jiaguo Tao Pan) for her daughter-in-law father-in-law to the police station to apply for identity cards, accidental exposure daughter-in-law fugitive status, the police need to personally come to inform without showing feelings, pictures, success led to female fugitive. At 10 yesterday morning, a silver haired daddy came to the Public Security Bureau of Jianghan Evergreen Street police station hall permit request for the second generation ID card, and just quote daughter-in-law’s name, date of birth, address and other information. According to the computer system Chen Yao secretly surprised: Wang had illegal possession of drugs, was listed as fugitives Wuchang police. Chen Yao said their identity cards without showing feelings, must personally come to photography, print fingerprint. 1 hours later, Dad took a pink coat woman came to the police station to verify the identity of the woman again, Chen Yao, Yang Hanjuan policewoman understandingly the woman in the studio, while handcuffed to her unprepared period. Originally, 24 year old Wang Department of Wuhan, last September for illegal possession of 9 bags of ice by the police as online fugitives. Wang’s father-in-law found her daughter was the police control, very self blame, saying that every day with her daughter to eat with the pot, but I do not know her daughter is a wanted criminal.相关的主题文章: