Exposing the low-speed electric car safety problems chaos   Kay road and other non brand vehicle production qualification, people.com.cn car, people.com.cn low-speed electric vehicles, with the price cheap, easy to use and other advantages, the market is from the urban and rural areas spread to Beijing on a wide line of big city. They are rampant in the city’s non motorized vehicles, because of security without security, frequent accidents, known as the road killer". Visited the capital of low-speed electric car market, the reporter found, highlighting the current low-speed electric car safety problems: multi product brands, manufacturers of the main business mess; the whole process simple, almost no security configuration; the vehicle battery mostly for lead-acid batteries, poor security and stability, a new car uses two years will need to replace the new battery; consumer Car Buying threshold is low, do not have to pay Car Buying insurance and purchase tax, do not need a license, there is no age limit for driving; dealers selling cars at random, vehicle customer service service is not in place, whether the product warranty in accordance with the specifications. National Passenger Car Association Secretary General Cui Dongshu said: low speed electric vehicle industry corresponding standards, road construction, license management, law enforcement, traffic accident and other supporting measures lack of overall planning. The key to improve product safety is to strengthen supervision in the production and use of links, and the establishment of appropriate standards. Product: low speed electric car brand and miscellaneous quality uneven these all over the streets of urban and rural electric cars are produced from where? Reporters learned through visits to the capital more than low-speed electric car dealer: Beijing market mainstream low-speed electric vehicles mainly, Kay Road, Yong yuan, Jin Baolai and other brands. The main business of these brand manufacturers clutter, mostly no car production qualification. Micro market of low-speed electric vehicles, they are different in appearance, most simple process: the body sizes vary, some only a row of seat, there are three rows of seats; the body shape is different, some even after the car carrying the body mostly to the hopper; a thin metal material, some parts of the body or the use of plastic as a raw material, almost no protective effect on the occupants. These car prices are mostly 2 – $40 thousand. The main difference in the price of the brand and the appearance of work, in the car’s motor, controller and battery, basically no difference." Beijing into a plus electric car sales staff, told reporters. In the configuration of the car market, according to the sales staff, with models in wiper, reverse image, electric windows and skylights, etc.. In spite of this, the fuel car basic configuration of airbag and seat belt, which protect the occupants safety standard in low-speed electric vehicles have disappeared. In fact, in addition to the appearance of rough, security configuration standards, low-speed electric vehicles Quanguang criticized an fatal weakness lies in its most used lead-acid batteries. Lead acid battery is not only a strong environmental pollution, but also because of low technical content, poor performance, high security risks, has long been eliminated by new energy vehicles. Beijing Daxing District low-speed electric car dealership sales staff told reporters that the vehicles sold on the market two years up to four years, usually battery to replace a replacement of a battery, consumers need to spend 3-4 thousand yuan. For off to battery recycling, the sales staff not to say yes or no. ()相关的主题文章: