Travel-and-Leisure San Antonio Vacations and Friedrich Wilderness Park When you go on San Antonio Vacations you will be surprised to find that a place like Friedrich Wilderness Park can co-exist with the highly developed surroundings that make up the city. The park has an area of 240 acres and it is the only wildlife preserve in the whole of San Antonio; residents are trying very hard to protect and conserve what little is left of their resources for future generations. If you love nature or the great outdoors then you would surely appreciate the pedestrian only policy the park management has adopted over the years; even camping and bringing of pets is not allowed inside to further protect the wildlife. The park features many attractions including a big population of birds, white tail deer, cotton tail rabbits, squirrels, and raccoons among many other flora and fauna that continues to flourish up to this day. Take time to drop by at Friedrich Wilderness Park and help efforts to conserve it. San Antonio Vacations: The great Guenther House The Guenther House in San Antonio should be included in any list for San Antonio Vacations as its a prime example of a great pioneers mind at work; aside from museums and historic sites its the best place to go to for people who want to relive the past. The house was built by Carl Hilmar Guenther who was the founder of Pioneer Flour Mills; it became his heirloom not just to his family but to the city as well which acknowledges his big economic contributions in their history books. Located on a river bend of San Antonio River, the Guenther House stands at the foot of King William close to one of the oldest districts. The top floor which was once an open balcony where the family entertained guests by holding ballroom dances and gala nights is now enclosed and functions as event area for private parties and meetings; its named the Roof Garden. Visit the Guenther House and enjoy its well preserved beauty. Relaxing San Antonio Vacations with Friends There are times when the stress of your daily work gets into your nerves if you get to that point, you need to let it go and let loose. Dont think twice anymore and invite your buddies to these San Antonio Vacations packages and have a relaxing time you wont forget. The Shopping Package of Crown Plaza offers free car parking, free intercontinental breakfast and a shopping discount of $25 with reservation code Shop till you drop. The La Quinta Inn and Suites has the GWG promo where you can just relax and unwind in the .forts of your suite while watching a movie over wine, cheese crackers and you can upgrade your room too. For $187, book for Retail Therapy and that means you will be housed in at Omni Mansion and you will be getting a free Laura Mercier lipstick, Enivrosax, a bottle of champagne and shopping discounts. Thinking of that can definitely .fort you so, how about clicking reserve today? Amour Packages and San Antonio Vacations In France, people say amour to mean love and when on San Antonio Vacations theres always room for romance. Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa created the Amour Package to lure in couples who want to experience romance in the most luxurious way; it includes a deluxe room, continental breakfast, a basket of fruits in season, a bottle of champagne, and a day pass to their spa for $319 a night. Deluxe Romance Package by the Inn at Craig Place offers the standard deluxe room ac.modation, breakfast in bed, balloon setup in the room, roses and strawberries dipped in chocolate for $125 a night. Noble Inns knows the usual set-up of champagne and dinner by candlelight by heart and so they want to make it even more special by letting you roam around the King William district aboard a horse drawn carriage for $189 each night. Visit San Antonio and take time to express your love. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: