Wave to encourage employees to apply for 6× 12 hour give annual leave Sohu finance at noon yesterday, micro-blog account @ Internet that something Po a picture by many users Tucao, the picture is a wave of PPT company "Endeavour" selection plan, the PPT reads: apply to become the company’s endeavor, voluntarily give up all paid annual leave, voluntary work, voluntary non mandatory overtime 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, in addition, the Spring Festival, national day and other holiday still need to call, no overtime…… Netizens have Tucao said this management mode can not meet the labor law, and even if the employees voluntarily participate in may not allow enterprises to do: but this photo in the "endeavour application" clearly indicated that the "draft", for users who care about, endeavour in salary and promotion the treatment of no written mention, the wave of companies really in the future implementation of the plan is also unknown. Coincidentally, not long ago, the 58 city for similar reasons was crazy Tucao, "the full implementation of the 996 work system" was to Yao Jinbo’s micro-blog comments area was angry netizens, employees and family members. Although the 58 sides to respond to the media, said, "996" is a routine mobilization, the reason is that in September and in October traffic is large, and "996" is not mandatory requirements. But according to the relevant media survey, 58 city workers in some areas have been ready to leave, because "58 of the salary is not with business growth and enhance the basic salary, Commission agreed to have a lot of time, treatment is much lower compared to peers of the Internet Co." Companies and their communication is not smooth, but also let them doubt: let more than 20 thousand employees after the frenzied acquisition of staff surge, performance decline and other issues to pay, there is a disguised layoffs suspected. The launch of "endeavour selection" of the wave is a company founded in 1945, the SASAC holding group company, the predecessor of Shanghai Xin Tai instrument factory, moved to Shandong, the early production of large-scale electronic equipment production, since the beginning of 80s PC, 90s to enter the server field, after twenty-first Century undertook a number of countries for mass storage R & D project. At present, the main products and services are servers, workstations, routers and firewalls, revenue 63 billion 200 million last year, currently employs more than 19000 people. So how did the company’s employees work? An anonymous user in September 2015 on the knowledge of this description: the degree of tension and pressure on the job to see the job. As a IT company, overtime what is normal, but for example, we do not advocate overtime work, unless it is a special period of time, such as the need for on-line. Statutory holidays are overtime, usually in the evening, the weekend nothing. All kinds of IT treatment and the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen are not comparable, the per capita monthly income should be less than 6K (not the dead). However, taking into account the Pyramid effect, the average monthly salary, in fact, is better than average ability of the people of the approximate treatment. Because of the wave group.相关的主题文章: