Internet-Marketing I know how you feel, there are so many things .peting for your attention in the world of Internet Marketing and Email Marketing Opt In Campaigns.How do you know what to focus on, and what really works, with all this .peting information saying try me I’m the best! Well, let’s look at what some of the most successful online marketers have done and remember: copy success to your results exceed those you model! Ok, one of my little pet peeves is the over-emphasis on social networking. Now, does it REALLY help you as much as the propaganda tells you?First, ask yourself what is your objective? Is it to be the most in the know person with the coolest presence or is it to get results? Hopefully, unless our egos are totally out of control, it’s results over cool! So, what about social networking? I view it as a nice to have. Yes, it’s nice to have a cool Facebook profile, and you may even gain some opt-ins from that! But, let’s see what the top people online have done for years. Instead of sending people to confusing and cluttered environments full of hundreds of widgets which overload them entirely and cause no action whatsoever- the top marketers put people into a very simple capture page. There are no links on this page. There is no alternative. Either accept the free gift in exchange for giving the first name and email address (ask for more and you’ll get less by the way)- or they don’t. Act, or leave. Basically. It sounds harsh, but really is it so harsh? Remember you have spent time to create or have created a special gift that solves an immediate concern for your niche. Now some people , are not willing to give something as simple as their first name and email address for this valuable resource. Do you really want to keep in contact with someone who won’t even take a free resource? For me personally, the answer is maybe- if I can learn something from the exchange and improve the benefits of the offering. One idea is you could have a short exit survey there, to tell you the top reason they’re leaving without getting the free gift. That’s a nice to have, but I wouldn’t focus on those with no .mitment even for something that’s free. Do you think they will be appreciative customers of value? No. Remember, value yourself, and control your own processes. While social .working has its purposes in drawing free traffic, you lose the advantage of controlling the process. So not to say don’t go there, but create your own opt-in pages (squeeze pages) firstly, and draw your own traffic to them via articles, videos (Youtube is ok), etc maintaining control. So, start there, Twitter, Facebook and the like for the moment. Focus on modelling the controlled processes of the masters which have gained huge results! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: