Elmar · morito UN speech "in the University of equality of men and women in the Tencent entertainment Elmar · Watson once again appeared UN speech: UN women in September 20th in New York headquarters issued" he for her (HeForShe): the influence of 10X10X10 University gender equality report, United Nations Goodwill Ambassador Watson made a speech, stressed the importance of university life on gender equality and build social equality. Thank you for coming to the scene to witness this important moment. These people from all over the world, determined to make gender equality has become the people’s lives, the University campus. Thank you for making such a commitment. I graduated from university a few years ago, I have been with the dream into the University classroom. I’m so lucky, my dream come true. Brown University is my home, the community I live in. I am here to gain ideas and experience, I bring them into the community, into the work, into political activities, into all aspects of life. The experience of studying in university has made me who I am now, and many people believe that they are the same as me. But imagine if we tell the University experience, women can not become a leader; if the campus life tell women that they can learn but not to participate in the seminar; if in many parts of the world are telling women that they don’t belong there; and if some university sent a message: sexual violence is not a real significance the atrocities. What would be the result? As we all know, if you change the experience of the students in the University, they will have different expectations of the world around them, the concept of equality has different expectations. The society is changing, when we first came out of the house, after that to set foot in the garden, we should never see or feel the double standard. What we need to see is equal respect, equal leadership, and equal pay. College life must tell women that their wisdom is valued, and they are also leaders of the school itself. Campus life also must be clear: women, ethnic minorities and vulnerable groups of any security is a right, not a privilege, this is a clear point in the current is so important that right to get the respect of the people, you have to believe it right to support vulnerable groups, once a person the safety is threatened, everyone can feel. A university should be a shelter for action against any form of violence. Therefore, we firmly believe that college students will leave the campus will believe in real equality, expect a truly equal society, will strive for it. No matter from which point of view, the university has the ability to become an important catalyst to promote this change. The 10 influential leaders we’ve invited have promised that they will inspire their students, inspire other universities and schools around the world, and strive to do better. It is my great honor to introduce this report on their progress and I am looking forward to hearing more.相关的主题文章: