A history of ectopic pregnancy sister said: do these is the key – Sohu is divided into 3 parts to share a maternal ectopic pregnancy article married in March 2015, at that time really naive to think that pregnancy is a very simple thing. See * * to drink black Soybean Milk, ovulation test paper, feet, feel the need to prepare, and then to the children of the first month, especially the tension and excitement, the day before menstruation to blood tests, results showed no pregnancy. The first 2 days of menstruation, I have brown bleeding, which is never the thing, and then after the next day, I came to menstruation, of course, is that I think I have a period of. Second months to continue to prepare for pregnancy, ovulation test strip for a continuous period of 5 days, let me have a little circle, after all, it is impossible for the first 5 days is not ovulation, I measured the early pregnancy, second red, I know this is pregnant. But the pregnancy is also menstruation? The child must be last month A series of problems appeared in my mind. Go to the hospital to measure progesterone, only 3 a few large units, a doctor in a small sentence let me a little crash: you may be ectopic pregnancy. Ultrasound can not see the floor, her husband is a doctor, take me to the Department of Gynecology, I do not have any bleeding and abdominal pain, but the doctor still insist that I was in the hospital, the second hospital day, Yin Chao see on the right side there is a lump, consider the ectopic pregnancy. Take medicine conservative treatment, three days after the failure. That evening I was pulled up on the operating table, operation assistant my husband, retain the right fallopian tube, after surgery and anesthesia in effect, listen to the family said my mouth has been saying, I can live, they think I have too much pressure. The postoperative recovery can, in many of suggestions, I eat Chinese medicine for three months, I think this is three months before it is actually very critical, to help you in the fertile land to conditioning, gave birth to the next life. A unit of our colleagues do not know best to listen to children within 3 months who said that after ectopic pregnancy, and ectopic pregnancy. So it advised the sisters, wait, don’t worry, we need a little time for yourself. Conditioning for three months, my diet and menstruation than before a lot of improvement, I still insist on is not ready to have children in the month also to drink Soybean Milk after menstruation, ovulation test paper, body temperature, understand the relationship between their BDLS and ovulation, and every night hot feet. From the two new papers prepared pregnant pregnancy preparation from the beginning, many people advised me to avoid suffering, some people also say nothing can try, in order not to let me be a bitter, my husband decided every month, let me do is to determine the color Doppler ultrasound, the left and the right, we have to give up. So, the next 8 to 9 months, we are all such arrangements, give up, give up, have been left with arrangements to prepare pregnant, the result is that every month to menstruation after I would sit on the toilet cry, fear of recurrence of ectopic pregnancy, worried about their problems, worry is not pregnant baby, a series of problems haunt me. My family is also worried about me, I feel worried about my mother every month for a few days相关的主题文章: