Food-and-Drink Sometimes there are situations in life that we just don’t understand until we are confronted with them personally. One of the most troubling is the difficulty that elderly people living alone have in performing the most basic tasks. They often hide their situation from family through embarrassment and also because they are afraid that telling them will mean the end of their independence. For example, well-meaning family members will leave packaged food in their pantry for them, unaware that the elderly person has reached the stage where they find the packaging too hard to open. They no longer have the strength in their hands to pull packets apart, or to use scissors or a knife safely. Manufacturers of food packaging have had to respond to situations where disturbed individuals have deliberately tried to introduce contaminants such as poisons into food products. To protect the consumer and maintain the integrity of their product, they have been forced to increase the strength of the packaging and the seals. While this has increased the level of protection for the consumer, it has in many cases also increased the inconvenience for genuine people who just want to enjoy the product. However, better manufacturing techniques can now produce easy tear food packaging, which has the best of both worlds. It is strong enough to protect the contents, but much easier to open. What are the advantages to the consumer of easy tear food packaging? The most obvious one is the end of the struggle to get into the contents. The packaging can be easily resealed to keep the contents fresh and preserve the "leftovers" for later. Containers with easy tear lids are every bit as attractive as other types of containers, and can be packaged with brand information, colors and logos and contain products such as fruit snacks, yoghurt, small goods, spreads, cheeses, and many other varieties of convenience foods. The contents aren’t compromised by having easy tear seals, and can still have extended shelf lives depending on the manufacturing process undergone by the product. Easy tear packaging is particularly popular with mothers who struggle from week to week to find tempting foods for the school lunch box. By sealing the easy tear tubs in plastic bags mothers can feel confident they are giving nutritious lunches to their children. Individual servings of fruit in plastic tubs with easy tear lids are favorites, especially with young children who find whole fruit such as apples and oranges a little difficult to eat at school, without the help of an adult to peel and core the fruit. A manufacturer considering trying out their product in easy tear packaging could well find that their product is chosen over a competitor, simply because of the convenience it offers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: