Don’t want to hit the bag and you can’t miss these niche brands [Abstract] fashion is not the more expensive the better, the big bag is fine at first sight, but the ability of high frequency, spend a lot of money to buy big bags, in the huge population denominator, after all, still a minority. Today, Amway will give you five people and fashionable niche brands. J.W. AndersonJ.W.Anderson, head of Jonathan Anderson is also a veteran of the creative director of Loewe, since the white Loewe after brand handbags Puzzle, Barcelona all rushed to fame, become a new generation of it bag. Jonathan Anderson for its own brand J.W. Anderson also devoted heart and design bag designed for women to create urban fashion appearance, not only simple fashion, the most important is all-match, whether it is spring and summer or autumn and winter can handle all kinds of other lives. JW chain Logo Purse J.W. Anderson Pierce Black Handbag Brown Medium Tote J.W.Anderson classic JW chain logo purse handbags, its simple appearance and unique design sense logo won a lot of trendsetter heart, just to color are very beautiful and practical. JW chain Logo Purse JW chain logo in addition to the classic Handbag purse handbags (multicolor optional), winter 2016 new "Pierce handbags" acclaimed by the Korean model Irene Kim, fashion blogger Susie Lau and many other fashion people of all ages. South Korea Kim model Irene love this package, ladder with black and blue two J.W. Anderson Pierce the "Pierce handbag" Medium Tote bag body lines neat, smooth leather fabric, the most distinctive is the flip on the two round "the nose" on a metal ring, quite a few key visual piercings sense, so we also call it as "demon bag". One of the most popular Pierce Medium Tote price in 8000 yuan, the small chain launched homeopathy package price is more close to the people, buy a not enough love fashion, the demon bag have captured your heart? J.W. Anderson blue Pierce J.W. Anderson recommended Small Tote Bag Style: Blue handbag Pierce s reference price: 6500 CNYJ.W. Anderson Pierce Medium Tote Black reference price: 7800 CNYJW chain Logo Purse nude handbag reference price: 6000 CNY buy: BOYY recently had a handbag that is popular trendsetter circles in Europe and America, Canada from the music producer Jesse Dorsey and Thailand born designer Wann!相关的主题文章: