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family education | parent-child picture book tasting hand eat hand is a lot of baby’s first love, but for the parents, eat "always have so many bad associations, dirty ah, tooth deformity ah, hand deformity and so on. In the end how much harm to eat hands on the baby? Eat your fingers is a sucking habits, in addition to the finger, actually a lot of things may become like sucking objects, including various parts of the body skin and even toes, including pacifiers and some daily necessities. Sucking is a common interest in most primates, which is believed to be a reflection of sucking milk from infancy. The sucking action itself can bring comfort and security. The instinct to suck fingers even as early as the birth of the child, a lot of pregnant women in the B ultrasound shows that the fetus are sucking their fingers, this situation can be the first fifteenth weeks of pregnancy began. On the whole, eating a finger is not a bad habit. As an adult who has been assembled by all kinds of bad habits, we are not qualified to worry about the children’s eating problems. Smoke, wine, hardcore food, junk food, shopping, Internet addiction…… No matter what to take out than to eat the hand of the injury of the N times. So if you do not consider the problem of injury, in fact, sucking itself may be created by the people of the most simple, low-cost way to get a sense of satisfaction. It is a pity that there is no hundred days of red, with the growth of age, the baby suddenly discovered that the original world so exciting, this time simply suck can not fully meet the baby. Most of the children to eat hand hobby to 2~4 years is relatively weak, this time they will find more fun than toys and snacks to eat hand, only a few more specific children to 5~6 years will continue to have the habit of hand. Eat the finger being criticized is caused by dental deformities, traditional pediatricians think before change baby teeth, this problem does not need to care so much about. But in recent years several studies have shown that babies eat hand in the deciduous teeth will be on the future development is not good. At present, the American Academy of Pediatrics in 2~4 years later, if the hands of baby food habits are very frequent, parents can help moderate correction, but before long teeth, eat hand to cause oral effects are reversible, can slowly self correction in hand after stop eating. In addition to dental problems, another problem is in fact all ages will encounter, and that is a health hazard. The child will eat hand is more likely to be exposed to all kinds of viruses and bacteria, even a little resistance exercise benefits minus the probability of illness will become larger. Another important but hidden negative problem that most parents ignore is psychological stress. On the one hand, the child is very easy to eat hand from parents or teachers to get pressure, and other peers, a lot of times will laugh or squeeze the children still eat the hand, because these children are not long". The child’s psychological development相关的主题文章: