Don’t ask the children to get up in the winter, it will harm his maternal | author – Sohu yesterday morning call Ma Rui Rui Rui up, the little guy have been muttering in the cold outside, warm in bed for a while. Just dallying ten minutes, seeing will be late, no matter whether he like or not, they pulled him up and rush all the way to eat, wash clothes. The afternoon to pick up the child, other children are jubilant out from school, but I saw Ruirui drooping face, morose. His buddy Xuan told me, Rui Rui dozing in class was criticized by the teacher…… When I got home, I fell on the sofa and fell asleep for a while. I gave the phone to understand the situation, the teacher said Rui Rui all day listless in class and no spirit of children. I think that is definitely a morning call Ruirui got up too rude, cause the child one day a poor spirit, my heart suddenly felt very sorry for children. Now the weather is getting colder and colder, getting up is a nightmare. Don’t say children, adults also became a "hardship to get up". Parents call children to wake up and often resorted to exhaust all the skills cost, tremendous effort, to pull the child out of bed. But most of the time, we call the child to get up the way, and can not let them awake, but it will hurt them a day of bad spirit, not in the state. The following is called the child to get up the way can be described as a higher lethality index, parents do not wake up children, especially in winter. Pull the child’s quilt how the child does not get up, parents sometimes can not control their own, will directly open the child’s quilt, or take the child to sleep with toys. In the summer it is nothing, but in the cold winter, do not have to wake up the child in such a rough way. This method is not only easy to make the child catch a cold, the temperature drop will be sudden stimulus to the child, the child is not necessary to disrupt sleep frightened the child’s sense of security. Even if the child "whiz" to sit up, limbs stiff. Anything it is not recommended to take the child sleep in holding, covered, because that is his sense of safety environment. I do not gently pat the child’s body when I was a child often have this experience. A lot of the morning, my mother will be very gentle to beat my body, urging me to get up. For this sudden appearance of the "physical attack", often will be startled, suddenly woke up, feeling the whole brain buzzing. I wake up with a mother’s way of waking up. Parents should not be rude to beat the child’s body, which is a very bad way to wake up, it will immediately provoke a docile sheep, so that children become depressed, angry. Some parents don’t wake up the noise of life to wake the boy, is deliberately making noise to disturb the child, they intentionally loudly and beat the washbasin, chatting loudly…… People wake up from sleep, in fact, is a very complex process. The first is the "subconscious" to check the safety of the surrounding environment -相关的主题文章: