Marketing-Direct Whether you go with Email Marketing Services or with Direct Marketing Services, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Marketing Experts though suggests moving ahead with your marketing requirements, in combination of both. The benefits of sending direct mails are that, it has a longer shelf life. When you send direct mail, the receiver can carry it with them anywhere or may keep it in cupboard or drawer for future reference. Thats the benefit of direct mailing to the consumer. The catalogues are re-used whenever required. It remains in front of the consumer either on their office desk or at their home. The benefits of sending emails are that, its a faster and instant way of transmitting information. In the case of marketing via email, it can be deleted immediately or thrown in some other folder. Thats the reason emailing does not have longer shelf life. Once deleted from trash or recycle bin, it cannot be recovered. Secondly, email can get into the junk folder or spam folder. This is one of the largest troubles, the world faces; while using the Email Marketing Services. There are so many illegal people responsible behind sending spam emails. Due to such people, sometimes the good emails also enter into junk folder; due to technical error. This results in sufferings for genuine marketing people as well. However, the disadvantages of sending direct mails also exist. When mailing is done using Direct Marketing Services, the cost of marketing increases much more compared to marketing via emails. This is the largest disadvantage of direct marketing. Now lets understand how to nurture the benefits of both the marketing methods in an effective and inexpensive way. There are certain rules and regulations which if followed, the Email Marketing Services would deliver excellent results for your business. Same is the case with direct mailings. The simple rule for emailing: your mail should arrive in the inbox and the deliverability rate should be higher. If you follow the above rule while sending emails, then you will also be able to see an improvement in the sales of your companys products and/or services. You need to have an analytics software or service in order to track the results. While sending emails, ask your email service provider company to deliver the tracking report. The tracking report will give you an idea of how many emails were received by end users and how many were opened. While using the Direct Marketing Services, make sure to use the services of the same company which provides you services related to email marketing. Direct Marketing costs more than emails, and the email senders know whom to send direct mails and whom to not send the direct mails. Apart from this, ask them to send direct mails only to selected responses, which are received as a result of email marketing campaign. In this way there will be a large deduction of unnecessary cost while sending direct messages, catalogues, pamphlets, etc. While selecting the service provider you have to be careful. You must first identify the correct service provider who holds a reputation and brand name in US Markets, such as for example: TG Marketing USA. Secondly, the company should be genuine and result oriented service provider, not just a claimer. Some companies do only have mere claims to deliver, but are unable to implement practically. Its not going to increase the sales of your company, if the service provider does not deliver practical results. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: