[Costa Crociere] in Fukuoka "on tour" – Sohu travel a few days, a friend is about to start, take the "Crociere to Japan and South Korea travel, should be friends, our last Costa Crociere Japan and South Korea travel in Japan, Fukuoka’s" shore tour travel is sent to see it! The last time the "Crociere Japan tour, starting from the Tianjin cruise home port, Friday night time is six days, in addition to floating in the sea for two days" nautical day ", respectively, to the Japan Fukuoka and South Korea in Jeju Island for a day" on a tour". In fact, several times from my cruise experience, this day tour is actually shopping tour, just a day, shopping accounted for more than half, where there is time to look at other. So, if you want to go somewhere deep tour, free line is the best choice. Before going to take a cruise, I also go to the Japanese Embassy to do a "sign", spent more than and 700 ocean, the cruise was found, which is totally not make an unnecessary move. May be afraid of tourists off the ship after wandering off mission ", after arriving in Fukuoka, the ship left all the passports and the provisions of the ship can only participate in the organization of the" tour "to the ship, making my" sign "this is entirely a piece of paper. Of course, this ship would be a rainy day, once someone is really off the group to leave that for them, it is the crowning calamity. A county in Fukuoka, Japan, on Kyushu, Japan. It is the political, economic and cultural center of kyushu. Fukuoka three is facing the sea, traffic developed, due to the proximity of the Korean Peninsula and the Asian continent, known as the "gate of asia". Fukuoka 310 km long coastline, fisheries development, rich in fish, aquatic product variety, there are "eating in Fukuoka reputation". And Fukuoka’s beautiful natural environment, is a good place to enjoy tourism, hiking, marine sports and other outdoor activities. Fukuoka looks so small, we turned around a few laps, from here we can see far from the port of our cruise the Atlantic. Fukuoka from Jeju Island, South Korea should not be too far away, we started the night before departure from Jeju Island, the second day breakfast has docked at the Fukuoka pier. The passport in Jeju Island compared to everybody, when everyone disembarked in Fukuoka just received a passport photocopies of their ship, and later to a queuing hall, customs inspection and quarantine personnel in Japanese passport photocopies back everyone put on a Japanese small pieces of paper, then cover a chapter in their machines on the left of his right index finger fingerprint will be accomplished, security clearance. The customs hall corner…… and almost Jeju Island, our day trip to Fukuoka is basically a "shopping tour", a quick glance one in two places of historic interest and scenic beauty, a supermarket, a pharmacy in the car, visited the city of Fukuoka, in the evening back to the cruise ship. In Fukuoka, we’re still just out of the 66 regiment, customs, a young man immediately led us to find a parked bus in a row)相关的主题文章: