Meng in cooperation to help solving the employment problem of population – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Dhaka in October 14, communication: Meng cooperation help population in solving the employment problem of Xinhua News Agency reporters Liu Chuntao aris in 2000 to join the China Railway Bridge Bureau Bangladesh team, just a driver. After the two construction projects of training, have been able to communicate with ARIS Chinese, now also served as senior management personnel office, responsible for local staff management and external coordination. There are many such as aris from economic cooperation with Bangladesh China deepening benefit in Bangladesh. In recent years, trade and investment between China and Bangladesh have become increasingly frequent, bilateral trade in 2015 amounted to $14 billion 707 million. Bangladesh has become China’s third largest trading partner in South Asia, China is Bangladesh’s largest trading partner. Bangladesh is an important engineering contract market in South asia. Bangladesh has an area of 147 thousand and 570 square kilometers and a population of about 160 million. As one of the most densely populated country in the world, Bangladesh should develop labor-intensive industries, but limited by poor infrastructure, make full use of labor resources has not been in the country, serious unemployment. With Bangladesh bilateral economic and trade cooperation deepening, more and more China enterprises to invest and set up factories in Bangladesh, to seek development opportunities at the same time, also for Bangladesh’s employment and training of personnel into the Everfount power. China Railway Bridge Bureau has been operating in Bangladesh for more than and 10 years, by the construction of the Padma bridge is seen as a dream bridge in Bangladesh, "the biggest overseas record in the construction of the bridge engineering. The project since 2015 began, China Railway Bridge Bureau has hired the local labor force of more than 2 thousand people, many types of covering gangjingong, lifting workers, welders, fitters, drivers etc.. Among them, a considerable part of the local workers have joined the company for more than 10 years, witnessed the development of the China enterprises in Bangladesh and the growing air plant. China Railway Bridge Bureau has the construction of Paksey Bridge in Bangladesh, Calaf bridge, dungi sent to rob of Ethiopia, railway bridge and the library of Guangdong Puda overpass project, provide a good platform for local staff occupation growth. As an important national The Belt and Road along, Bangladesh and China economiccomplementarities significantly, a huge space for cooperation. Chinese have needed capacity, Bangladesh capital and technology, Bangladesh is required to undertake a large number of industrial labor force, economic cooperation between the two countries in the promotion of "The Belt and Road" initiative, overseas air plant to grow and develop, but also help to solve the employment problem of Bangladesh, provides an important impetus for Bangladesh’s "golden Bengal" to realize the dream. Sinopec and Bangladesh related departments in 2014 signed its first gas drilling project contract in Bangladesh to help Bangladesh develop natural gas resources. After the start of the project, responsible for the construction of Sinopec Shengli Petroleum Engineering Company to create jobs for the nearby villagers, to play their expertise, and strive to solve the problem of the surrounding labor employment. The 35 year old local man rippon"相关的主题文章: