UnCategorized You’re a coach and you know your field. You bring the best of your expertise and inspiration to your clients. Don’t miss the golden opportunity that writing a book can bring you. If you’re good at what you do and want to reach even wider audiences, writing a book is a must in today’s competitive coaching marketplace. Here are 10 reasons for you, the coach or thought leader, to become a published author. 1) Your book establishes you in the public eye as an expert in your field, a very effective form of branding. There is status and prestige in being the author of a published book. 2) Your book is a long-term and very substantial marketing tool, with more clout than newspaper/magazine ads or commercials on radio or TV. It gives you a strong advantage in terms of positioning yourself in a competitive marketplace. 3) Your book will help gain you access to ongoing media interviews, such as talk radio and talk TV. This is related to point #1–the perception of you as an expert. But it goes further than that. The media enjoy good story-telling, and your authorship of a book establishes you (in the mind of media and the public) as a story-teller with something interesting to share. 4) Your book gives you the opportunity to explore and express your own creativity with words and concepts in a very concrete way. 5) Your book enables you to increase the "value added" aspects of seminars, keynote speaking, presentations and coaching sessions by having the book included in the cost of your seminars, available for sale at events where you speak, available for order from your website; or as a tool you give your clients when they sign on for coaching. 6) In writing your book, you organize your thoughts and experiences and distill the most powerful wisdom of your expertise and experiences. This allows you to keep your message strong and consistent, and to find the compelling narrative arc that makes your book magnetic to your readers and clients. You can also revise as needed. It is possible to periodically publish revised editions or to produce a series of books. 7) Despite the rise of electronic media and the "sound bite" universe, consumers continue to enjoy the feeling of actually holding a book in their hands. Research has shown that even when people buy books in ebook form as internet downloads, more than 60% of e-book buyers will also buy the trade-bound form in traditional book format from bookstores, through sites such as Amazon, or placing an order from your website. Many authors have both an ebook and hardbound or softbound trade edition. 8) Your book enables you to communicate with audiences far beyond those you address directly in seminars, consultations, coachings, and keynote speeches. It’s a way to communicate with thousands of people you have never met. You strengthen your reputation as an expert. You become a thought leader in your field. 9) Your book can help provide you with spin-off opportunities, such as becoming a regular or guest columnist, producing further materials (workbooks, audio products, DVDs, teleseminars, webinars, etc.) based on the content of your book. 10) In the macro sense, writing and publishing furthers the cause of promoting literacy and of ensuring that the pleasures of good writing (which is a tradition thousands of years old) will never be lost. Find time in your busy schedule to create a book about your expertise and become a published author. You will be happy you did. About the Author: Sharon Lindenburger is a book coach, story sense specialist, editor, journalist and author, involved with the world of book publishing for over 25 years. She has helped numerous coaches, consultants and thought leaders to develop, create, and market strong, wise, and compelling books. Visit her website at www.contentcoaching.com Article Published On: http://www.articlesnatch.com – UnCategorized 相关的主题文章: