Chen Zhiwen: gold and silver non Nongla rise hollow, crude anti Sina sell fund exposure station uplink: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! You don’t know what you have, in the development and changes in the market encountered some difficulties it hasn’t happened to beat a retreat, can not know the future, that brings the power that you cannot ignore the past, so, the future will not have any change, gold once again hit a new low of $1262, in line with expectations, to close out a bottom line, while the space is not large, from the strategy laid the future continued to fall and target depth of space, of course the short-term oversold is very serious, in this case, investors should pay attention to the rhythm of the recent, don’t chase empty casual attention pressure near $1270, support don’t chase empty below $1260 can be, the weekly date keep big line down, this is the first fall in the winding form To support the middle line, fell below $1330 a, this also need to change payrolls data on Friday, whether it can successfully stand below $1330 closing below, is a key trend in the past week, you don’t believe in question and are now taking place, the target continues to decline, just $1260. Like, as well as rise to $1280 with the first pressure, that may be down, then rose to $1320, or $1360-1375, with continuous market inertia, this is the same, you can not deny the future downside in the condition now. 1260 dollars gradually reached, the next step will be far lower position? From the middle point of view there is no problem, for example, the weekly below $1249 is not complete, and the price in the middle line, and maintain the long pattern, want to fall to $1200 is not realistic, recently in the oversold condition, the market above $1280 and $1296 are required these positions are corrected, to guide the future rise, when the market is cautious, first short-term continuation of the original homeopathic decline, and in the long run prices to rebound to a key pressure point, the need to use non farm data to reach the goal, we can wait. Short term gold prices gradually fell one hour to $1262, $1274 in the above important market pressure, not $1276 before continuing on the short run, once again below $1262 after considering the bargain, waiting for a rebound, may have unexpected results, there are 4 hours of prices have plummeted since the winding down pattern. From 8 even Yin to gradually stabilized behind the current price at the end of fall, there will be the recent rebound, this is to rebound next week again layout midline shorting opportunities, like I told you in the past near $1300 do not chase sell is the same, you don’t know what time to drop, but as long as well the risk control theory, after the crash相关的主题文章: