Chen Long Han Bao Chunlai film platform does not exclude in reality games have ended, but the Chinese people for the Olympics did not decrease. In particular, a number of Olympic players burst red network, the popularity of high star line. Yesterday, the sports theme movie "hit the war" director Yan Xusheng with the film starring Bao Chunlai, Chinese propaganda to the Han Dynasty, and the Chinese side of the World War II, the film director of the film, "the fight against the war," the film director of the film, "the war". The Olympic Badminton Men’s singles champion, but also our Hubei Ya Chen Long also came to the scene, as the senior Bao Chunlai platform. The Bao Chunlai high spirits clashed with the players, coach Chen long is the embodiment of the guidance, two handsome boy is quite general style, attracting countless fans and fans "brother sister"". Bao Chunlai: want to play costume, especially the general "war" is the first Chinese badminton player Bao Chunlai’s first "electric shock" masterpiece. For his cross acting partner Rain Lee play the score, she also bluntly did not think this is actually Bao Chunlai’s screen debut, "I don’t know if I thought he had been acting." The director is straight up Bao Chunlai’s amazing performance. I did not expect, sitting on the side of his hand but blocked his ears. He admitted that after all, it is his first drama, I do not know how to play, so I would like to listen to the director of their professional evaluation, because they have special experience and experience. He also said the first movie, feel better than shooting is more difficult than to play, "play after all is familiar, very grateful to the professional film let me in, to find such a good team, you very happy. This is a kind of experience, challenge, then there will be a movie. I would like to play costume, has not tried, I look forward to, like a general." He also said the role of Lin Dan and his like, more friends propaganda "role like you, you look like you." After the Beijing premiere, and the Bank of Wuhan, are Lin Dan, Chen long, Liu Guoliang and other national team friends and help publicity, he is also very grateful to "they are busy, they have to participate in many activities, they can come to me very touched, the absolute brotherhood." Chen Long: miss hometown delicacy as the Hubei Olympic champion Chen long, the Hubei returned home to miss the most is the hometown of the delicacy, "Hubei delicious too much, in the field of life for many years, but still love the taste of Hubei." Although the Olympic Games after returning home, Chen long is busy with all kinds of things, but still taking the time for good brothers platform, he said no matter how busy, to support Bao Chunlai’s film, "before entering a national team, go out to the main game with the seniors, Bao Chunlai are very good to me, I will take go around to eat good food, because when you play, eat is very important. In the game, he will give me some experience from his point of view. He has been helping me before, so this time his first movie, I definitely want to support." He also regretted that he had no time to watch the film ahead of time in Beijing." "I haven’t come back to Wuhan, not too much when the leader, many people have a dream for me to participate in the Olympics, on behalf of Hubei, Xiamen to participate, there are so many of the fans support me already"相关的主题文章: