Reference-and-Education Bobby Flay is a NYC native who has become one of the very successful chefs today. He had a passion for cooking since he was just 17 years old. From then on his career seemed to do nothing but rise. Bobby Flay was cooking in the Joe Allen Restaurant when Allen noticed his culinary talent and was so much impressed that he paid for Bobby’s training at French Culinary Institute. He graduated in 1993 and started working for Jonathan Waxman in NYC. With him he learned to love the flavors of American South-western cooking. He was later on hired by Jerome Kretchmer and made Bobby his partner and executive chef of Mesa Grill. With his talents and passion for cooking Bobby has gained a celebrity status. He is praised not only for his cooking or culinary abilities but also for other various reasons. In addition to cooking bobby started hosting a television show. He has starred in six cooking TV shows on Food Network and three of them – Boy meets Grill, Iron Chef America and Throwdown!, are still on air. His great time managing skills and expertise at cooking has made him own and design six top-notch restaurants too. If you think this is it then think again as Bobby Flay is not done yet. He has written eight well acclaimed cookbooks too. The guy has earned an Emmy award for his shows and also became a food correspondent for CBS on The Early Show. Phew!! At present he owns five very renowned restaurants, Bar Americain in NYC – serving regional American delicacies; Bobby Flay Steak in Atlantic City, New Jersey – is a classic steakhouse; Mesa Grill Bahamas of Paradise Island- offers American Southwestern; Mesa Grill Las Vegas at Caesar’s Palace- serves American Southwestern and Mesa Grill NYC- also serves American Southwestern. Bobby has earned a lot in his career and has become an icon for many of the aspiring individuals who are aiming for a career in cooking. When he was asked about his food philosophy, he said, "It’s gotta be bold, zesty, and always fun". His work, books and shows have always impressed and inspired people. When asked what or who inspired him, he replied, it was Wolfgang Puck who made savory food but his preparations were whimsical and fun too, and Jonathan Waxman was the first chef who defined and explained him what was meant by good food. His latest career move is an upcoming show called as Grill It, which will air on Food Network, showcasing newbies who will come on the show to share their grilling recipes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: