Car prices absent "heroism" does not reduce the Paris auto show luxury car inventory in September 29th, as the origin of the world show "culture", is also one of the world’s five largest auto show in Paris auto show opening soon. Although this year, Volvo Rolls-Royce, Ford and other car firms regret absent, but from the current channels exposed the participating models of luxury cars are still alive, of which a total of 16 luxury cars will introduce domestic sales. This car special make a sort of luxury feast everyone in advance a glimpse of the Paris auto show". Benz AMG (GT ginseng, pictures, inquiry) C convertible Mercedes Benz officially announced the launch of AMG GT at the Paris auto show in 2016 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) C Roadster convertible version. The new soft top fabric convertible design, equipped with 4.0T V8 turbocharged engine, one hundred kilometers acceleration time of only 3.7 seconds. Appearance, AMG GT convertible version is still a continuation of the Benz family design, the front face of the same AMG and GT3 vertical banner chrome grille, at the same time into the sports package by aerodynamic optimization, headlamp modeling, so that the vehicle look very powerful. From the side, the car uses a double five Aluminum Alloy wheels, and equipped with yellow calipers. The tail is a continuation of the AMG GT rounded design style, but also the use of aerodynamic design and a total of two pairs of chrome exhaust tail throat. Power, the new models equipped with 4.0L V8 twin turbocharged engine, maximum power 410kW, peak torque 680Nm. Transmission, the engine is matched with 7 speed dual clutch gearbox. Mercedes Benz AMG (micro-blog) GLC 43 CoupleAMG GLC 43 Coupe retains the overall outline of the GLC Coupe, full roof lines. Equipped with an aerodynamic package, the whole to come closer to the ground, a sense of movement has been fully upgraded. Compared to the GLC at the top of the trunk spoiler size larger Coupe. The interior is mainly black color, the seat is made of black stitching, the carbon fiber texture panel of the console has a sense of movement, and it is equipped with an independent LCD screen. Power is equipped with 3.0L V6 twin turbo engine, maximum power 266kW, maximum torque of 522Nm, matching 9G Tronic automatic transmission, one hundred kilometers acceleration time of only 4.8 seconds. The standard 4MATIC AWD system, provides the choice of economic, comfort, movement and four modes. The new BMW 5 Series (with reference, pictures, inquiry) new BMW series will debut at the October 2016 Paris Auto Show debut, and in 2017 officially listed in europe. Then, the new 5 series and GT Travel Edition models will be released at the 2017 Geneva auto show, Frankfurt Motor show. BMW’s new 5 series will be based on CLAR lightweight platform to build, weight loss of about 100kg. A new car uses the latest BMW family design concept, the headlight more flat, and the use of angel eyes and open his eyes, bumper and cash are significantly different, with both sides of the inlet.相关的主题文章: