Arts-and-Entertainment For Capricorn, social relationships are once again in focus this month. There will be many opportunities to socialize, and if you are single, now is the time to make your move. Youll have a lot of energy, which doesnt necessarily mean, though, that youll be very healthy. Jupiter in your house of love and pleasures will lend you great lust for life and sexual appetite. Also, this is a great time to initiate new projects in your personal life and career as you meet little opposition and even gain assistance. The governing factor this month won’t be what you know as much as who you know and how well you all co-operate together. Overall, you are into a sociable and generally friendly vibration where business-type collaborations, social get-togethers and team-work of various kinds are emphasized. Take your time over your decision as what you finally decide will not just affect you but those closest to you as well. Tricky or complicated dealings with others tend to clear up after the 18th, when your communication skills improve and your dealings with others are more direct and straightforward. Once Mercury turns Retrograde on Nov. 24th, you’ll be glad you took the time to check everything out. While Mercury Retrograde is often looked upon with fear and loathing, it really is a great time to review and revise important matters in your life. Venus in your twelfth house might lure you into an uncomfortable situation or make you accept conditions you wouldn’t accept otherwise. Interests or projects could be more evident, trying to show them in society and join with others enriches the each other and gain more strength or weight in society. This is an excellent time to get on make real progress with the thing in life that mean a lot to you, work, relationships and longer term goals. You face little resistance from people or circumstances. Significant change will affect the home base or family members sending ripples through your own life over the 7 year transit of Uranus here. Don’t be taken in by false hopes and promises, you make your own luck in life nobody else. Take more sleep and rest, and more solitude in general. Take this time for rest and reflection, as December promises to be especially busy. Writing your thoughts and feelings down in a journal or even blogging is a great outlet and gives you a chance to really sort out where you stand. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: