British media: Chinese luxury price than overseas high 40% to promote tidal purchasing U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes of the original title: British media: China luxury price is still higher than overseas to promote the 40% tidal purchasing Reference News Network October 9th British media reported that, in one of London the most upscale department store, Harold department store, a more than and 20 year old woman Chinese Pei Chunmei (sound) Stella Mccanny wearing thick soled shoes, wearing tight jeans, carrying a black Chanel backpack in the shopping area to walk. She has been holding their apple mobile phone, micro letter to customers. According to the British Financial Times website reported on September 26th, Pei Chunmei is a professional purchasing, these purchases can be purchased for the mainland consumers watches, jewelry, clothing and cosmetics and other luxury goods. At the moment her customers are considering buying a Dior necklace worth 860 pounds, while another customer wants to buy a CELINE handbag with a price tag of $1500. Reported that, due to fear of being fake, most luxury stores do not allow their products to take pictures or video. Therefore, Pei Chunmei has been on the phone and send text messages to customers to update the price of goods, color and product details. Chat is endless, and is part of the service. She spent at least 20 minutes at a CELINE store to help buyers find a bag of different colors, and buyers are hesitant. Once the buyer agreed to buy, Pei Chunmei will go to the duty-free procedures, and use their own credit card to buy goods, and then packaged and mailed. She will be charged to the buyer a certain purchasing costs, although she did not want to disclose the number, but the purchasing Commission is usually 5% to 15% of the purchase of goods. Management consulting firm Bain estimates that sales such as Pei Chunmei last year reached $34 billion to $50 billion, equivalent to 12% of China’s luxury spending. But that figure is down 20% from 2014, and the company expects a further decline in profit margins as well as the government’s tightening controls on imports, including purchases of goods. Reported that, in order to curb gray market and increase domestic spending, import taxes have been raised in Beijing and overseas mail order goods by airline passengers in the value of more than 5000 yuan, including tariffs on luxury brand watches collection. Currently, China has increased the intensity of the inspection of the customs, and will carry goods in exchange for the Commission of passengers as the target. Reported that the Chinese mainland luxury prices tend to be higher than overseas, but now the situation is changing. March 2015, against the euro against the RMB exchange rate fell, Chanel lowered the price of its products in the Asian market. The global price linkage to Cartire, TAG Heuer and Patek Philippe and other luxury brands have taken similar measures. However, the price of luxury goods sold in China is still about 40% higher than that of overseas, according to the experts, and the cost of goods sold in China has been driven by a surge in overseas sales. The 28 year old Cong相关的主题文章: