Food-and-Drink Breville blenders have been around for over 75 years and are from Australia. This popular brand produces the Ikon and Die Cast Hemisphere models, and a cool hand blender. As society makes the transition from throw-away appliances and instant food to something more sustainable, keep up in your own kitchen. Buy from a selection of Breville blenders in the Hemisphere series. These blenders are made to last and to let you make what you might have otherwise brought home in a disposable cup. The Die-Cast model gives you 1,000 watts of serious blending power. You get three speeds, just enough to pulse ice or blend cooked vegetables for a healthy soup. Slot the jug into your dishwasher when preparation is over. Push the stainless steel base back along your counter where it will blend in nicely with other appliances. Less power gets you one more function with the 600 watt Ikon Hemisphere. As with the other models, the Ikon was designed with vertical lines in mind. Instead of the jug sides reaching out slightly, these vessels are narrow and sleek. Choose from four speeds including a pre-set smoothie function. Shredding blades pick up every piece of banana or strawberry for a consistently smooth drink. Five settings plus 750 watts make the Ikon Hemisphere LCD a .promise between power and function, though you lose nothing in the way of style no matter which version you choose. Watch your back lit LCD screen count down to the end of a job. Crush ice or whip up a homemade salad dressing. All Breville Hemisphere blenders have been made for easy cleaning owing in part to buttons without crevices. Curved blades leave no piece of fruit or chunk of ice behind. The jug and blades fit tightly into a bowl-shaped base. Breville blenders allow you to measure with accuracy. Use the measuring lines along the side of your heavy duty vessel, marked in red if you chose the two liter Die-Cast model. Count calories, make sure children receive exactly the same amount of milkshake, or just replicate the fantastic cocktail you created once before. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: