Big data to help Beijing accurate cure haze " parade; blue " " is expected to become the norm; blue " – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Dai Lili) remember 2015 that exciting "parade blue"? The use of technical means, accurate tracking of atmospheric pollution, targeted emission reduction or dynamic limit measures, it is expected to be a short review blue into normal blue". This morning, the 2016 China (Beijing) international big data industry expo and summit opened in Beijing. Reporters from the Expo was informed that as a typical representative of the big data industry, "the national air quality high resolution prediction and pollution control decision support system (NARS) will play an important role in achieving precise haze rule. "Investigation report" development Chinese big data show that in 2015, more than 55% of the domestic respondents the deployment of large data applications, 2015 China big data market reached 11 billion 590 million yuan, the growth rate reached 38%, is expected in 2016 to 2018 will maintain a rapid growth of around 40%. In the next 5 to 10 years, China’s big data industry will usher in a golden period of growth. Experts, the application of big data has penetrated into all walks of life. For example, by analyzing the data of employee health insurance claims, it is helpful to pay attention to the health status of employees and to cover their family members. By analyzing the data of the global positioning system (GPS) and the information of the fuel efficiency sensor, the parcel transport service company uses big data to simplify its route and reduce fuel costs. From the blue china national air quality high resolution prediction and pollution control decision support system research and development team "(NARS)" (referred to as Na SI system) in the Expo once appeared to attract public attention. The technology will be in the air pollution control, to achieve accurate haze rule plays an important role. The blue team led by the Chinese PLA Chemical Institute, jointly set up China Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Peking University, the National Meteorological Center and the Beijing Blue Technology Co. Ltd. and other units. According to reports, Na SI system is the crystallization of several years of work in the blue Hua team. The system can achieve accurate tracking of atmospheric pollution, and can accurately calculate the contribution rate of each pollutant source in different areas and different periods, the resolution of up to 1 to 3 km. Experts for the parade blue example simulation, obtained during the parade led to the specific distribution of air pollution sources in Beijing area. With independent intellectual property rights of the air quality forecasting and control NARS super computing system floating-point ability up to 512 trillion times per second, the realization of the 9 km, 3 km of regional air quality in 3 to 7 days of rolling forecast, published online and real-time prediction results, become a leader in big data industry in china. The core Research Institute of chemical defense China people’s Liberation Army researcher, China blue team leader Huang Shunxiang introduced, "Na SI system" through the dynamic analysis on the air pollution control costs and social benefits, the dynamic optimal control plan is analyzed, put forward the reduction or dynamic emission limit measures of the main sources of pollution.相关的主题文章: