Big armchair 40 years where the magic? Original title: "this armchair sold for 40 years, do you know its story? ") Introduction: This design prototype from Finland design master Alva Artaud masterpiece Paimio leisure chair works, since its launch in 1976 has produced more than 30 million pieces, can sell almost 1 million 500 thousand a year. (source: curiosity daily Author: Hu Ying) concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! When visiting the IKEA, perhaps you have seen a chair foot vacant, after sitting down lay back can easily shake the armchair ah Akira, feel very fit in the room, half lying on the side to see the book through magazines. It is since birth has 40 years of classic IKEA sold Po ng armchair in Bonn?. Since its launch in 1976 has produced more than 30 million pieces, almost every year to sell 1 million 500 thousand. We have reported the first two days of IKEA in order to commemorate the Po ng armchair an advertisement for the birthday of the year of Wong Kar Wai, is the film in the mood for love, the kind of slow elegant style of the 40. What is the Po? Ng armchair into the history of IKEA is a classic? Familiar with IKEA knows that the Swedish company’s general attention focused on the individual designers on the body, but in the 40 anniversary of the birth of Po? Ng armchair, we have to mention its creator Noboru Nakamura. He joined IKEA in 1973, and in 1975 to enter the work of IKEA designer Lars Engman (later became the IKEA design director) cooperation, designed the Po ng armchair. In 1978, Noboru Nakamura left IKEA to create its own furniture company. "I learn from some experience to U type structure using a cantilever, and then show it with molding plywood, I hope it will be in an elegant way to trigger the gently shaking." Nakamura Noboru representation. However, to talk about the design of the Po ng armchair, we can not open around the Finland architect and industrial designer Alva (Alvar Aalto) this man. In the period from 1930 to 1933, he designed the Paimio chair has a sculpture of general form without losing the sense of comfort, the chair frame is closed ring made of two layer building blocks, a handrail, chair legs and bottom support surface, in this framework between the seat of the chair, the two ends are bent into a curl the attitude of the whole thin plywood, the bending makes it have greater resilience. At that time, Alva Artaud designed a tuberculosis sanatorium of Finland southwest of the town of Paimio, this armchair was placed in the patient room, chair backrest angle can also help patients breathe better, it is vividly called".相关的主题文章: