Beijing and Hebei intends to build a ring capital national park to create "Beijing southwest kidney" reporter from the Hebei city of Baoding province forestry bureau, forestry bureau of Baoding city and Fangshan District Landscaping Bureau of Beijing City, signed the "ecological construction and protection of forestry cooperative development cooperation agreement", the two sides intend to Chinese Fangshan World Geological Park as the leading. In the construction of Beijing Fangshan Puwa, Xiayunling, shijiaying, Shidu and Laiyuan, Baoding Township Laishui County Baicao banks – Yesanpo ring capital national park. Director of the Hebei Provincial Forestry Bureau of Baoding city Wang Hepeng said, according to the agreement, the two sides will also connected with Fangshan Changgou Baoding Zhuozhou hundred foot pole town of about 206 square kilometers, with the long National Wetland Park in spring joint planning and construction, the formation of organic connection acres of wetland. At the same time, it connected with the Fangshan District Baoding Zhuozhou town pier, Yihe town area of about 20 square kilometers (including Liulihe, Xiaoqing River, Juma Sanhe interchange area), Yongding river bank Yihe town area of about 20 square kilometers included in the scope of cooperation, to jointly build acres of Wetland Park and Forest Park. In Baoding County, Laishui River Basin and Fangshan District Zhang Fang, Shidu cross border area to build the river basin Wetland Park, and comprehensively improve the ecological conservation capacity of the region, to create the southwest of Beijing kidney". In addition, Beijing and Hebei will be adjacent to the regional construction of shelterbelt in Fangshan and Baoding, to create a beautiful ecological zone and urban and rural integration demonstration zone. And carry out the introduction and domestication, breeding, planting and other aspects of technical cooperation, on both sides of Forest Park and the existing scenic area as the starting point, to promote the forest eco-tourism industry, promote the integration of complementary.相关的主题文章: