Before the hammer technology CTO joined the digital home money morning round chairman of the latter had "water anti Japanese" Sina Technology News November 1st afternoon news, July left the hammer technology to the name of CTO before retirement money morning today officially announced to join the Beijing round home digital technology, digital home round the main family intelligent communication, team mainly from motorcycle Mora and Lenovo, the Wu Wenliang is a founding partner of Motorola’s friends and colleagues during the morning money. According to the digital home round, said Qian Chen will serve as vice president. Money morning in 2014 officially announced to join the hammer technology, head of hardware and supply chain, in July 2016, to emeritus leave hammer technology, had once triggered internal rumors, but then after the hammer technology official and Qian Chen micro-blog said the rumor, not because don’t leave money morning. In October 18th Smartisan M released new mobile phone hammer technology, the hammer technology CEO Luo Yonghao in the media conference on the matter also made a special note, he said and CTO money morning to "break up" very proper and decent, the two sides agreed that in May the stock option and other related rights, followed by internal retirement money morning from the name of the hammer technology. Later, in an interview, Luo Yonghao said hammer entrepreneurial hardships, the pace of work is too fast, the money due to the old age and physical reasons and lack of power, so the last two sides through friendly consultations break up". The rhythm is similar, with the same origin of money morning Zhou Guangping of Motorola, is millet technology adjustment as the "chief scientist", which previously responsible for product development and supply chain, by the founder Lei personally responsible for. Hammer, take money morning is Hua Yuan for the glory of the product line for Wu Dezhou, who has 15 years of development experience in the mobile phone HUAWEI, HUAWEI mobile phone has experienced the development process from scratch, in the hammer M1 conference, Luo Yonghao officially stated, Wu Dezhou is responsible for product development and supply chain in the hammer technology. Money morning turnover hammer technology has been at home, Beijing digital home intelligent communication equipment science and technology circle to join the main family, today morning to attend activities is the money to see videocommunications H1 conference. According to the digital home circle said, see videocommunications is a minimalist intelligent device suitable for family members to use. Video phone, video devices, such as family communication and entertainment functions. Is a 150 degree ultra wide angle video call special equipment. The company was founded in October 2014, is headquartered in Beijing, Wangjing SOHO, a software development center in Nanjing, currently has more than 200 employees. The researchers mainly from the motorcycle Murrah and Lenovo, CEO wave was in the Tang Lenovo office, founding partner, director of intelligent hardware products, Dr. Wu Wenliang from Motorola. In addition, the digital home also accumulated a total of tens of millions of dollars of investment, investors from the cultural, entertainment, sports and finance. The current digital home circle chairman Guo Binzheng is Chinese famous tennis player Wang Nan husband, after a period of time, Guo Bin is still 918 of the day to "go to Japan deliberately turn on the tap water network hot lead. (LI)相关的主题文章: