You miss | list at the Shanghai book fair 10 must not be a good work – the mother of The Magic Elephant Books Sohu Xue blue · the works of Yonnet Covic "big world, small world" Shanghai book fair to see what? Hundreds of thousands of books will always dazzle you! Each booth will show their best works to everyone, the magic is no exception! This time, like magic book museum with his original works appeared at the Shanghai book fair, and invited to Croatia’s famous picture book writer, illustrator and sculptor, magic like 2017 annual author Xue blue · Yonnet Covic and magic as the first Chinese original illustrator Yang Sifan came to the Shanghai book fair, and everyone to talk behind the story of the creation. Since the year of 2000, the magic has become a publisher of ·, the publisher of Yonnet Covic, and the global copyright of his works. The launch of the first works of the "world," small world "penguin, where? "And" guess "series (a total of 9), etc.. Since January 2017, in addition to Xue blue · Yonnet Covic, magic like children’s Book Museum will also be published and operating Sifan Yang three works "wrong! "Ah! "" wonderful book "and Arco Ake works" the little prince "global copyright. At the same time the magic like children’s Book Museum will also operate andreia · Peterlee g · Husejinovi has published four works of the "blue sky" "love" "white stork" travel "love fantasy Ian" and the forthcoming "Alice in Wonderland" Asian version of the right. The Shanghai book fair as the "world magic key list, small world" Croatia Xue blue · Yonnet Covic · painting; Liu Yang translation of 15 contrasts adorable animal partner 24 pieces of visually creative illustrations guide the children to think big and small, big bear and bees, beetles, cheetahs and ostriches and soil groundhog… When… Big animal in small animal. There’s a wonderful spark between them. Whale and fish can be ensemble music, the crab will help seal out the beard, bats can help the reindeer…… just look at them, you will forget the big and small turned out to be a pair of antonyms. "The Penguins of Thebes where?" Croatia Xue blue · Yonnet Covic · painting; Liu Yang translation of one of the challenges of child observation visual game picture book, a variety of small interaction can exercise the child’s attention. The Penguins of Thebes was lost in the city, he wanted to return to the home. We followed the penguins across a bustling city of Thebes, watched a wonderful football match, for a happy shopping in a fun marathon, then blow cool breeze on the beach; finally, boarded the ship, to the tip of the direction. The Penguins of Thebes finally came home! Look, where is he now? "Guess!" series book, kroll.相关的主题文章: