Baby myopia, sleep well, you must have committed this mistake! Sohu – maternal families with infants will keep a night light, convenient baby mom midnight feeding, children urinate or easy baby the baby of the dark, but the night light at convenient, actually will have a negative impact on the baby. A damage to the baby, turn on the lights to sleep 1 open all night night light affect the baby sleep quality of light will produce light pressure, the light pressure exists for a long time will make the baby agitated, thus affecting the quality of sleep, the baby to sleep or wake up easily, the growth and health effects of sleep quality on a baby no need to say more. 2 night light will increase the chances of children suffering from myopia research has found that two years ago to sleep in the dark room of children, the incidence rate of myopia was 10%, sleep in the opening night light room of children, the incidence rate of myopia was 34%, sleeping in the room lights of children, the incidence rate of myopia was 55%. Because the lights are not under the condition of light, there will be constant irritation to the eyes, and the eye ciliary muscle can not fully rest, injury to the retina, thereby increasing the risk of myopia. Two, to develop good sleep habits is the key to some families for the baby to sleep with the light on that the baby was afraid of the dark, unable to sleep alone, in this situation, the key is to help the baby from an early age to develop a good habit to sleep. In addition to feeding the diaper, the rest of the time don’t turn on the lights, the baby will be able to adapt slowly. If the baby is afraid, when the lights in the mother can spend more time with the baby, to sing lullabies to him, stroked his back, help him to alleviate dark terror. If the baby to sleep, you can temporarily open a lamp, to accompany him to play for a while, and then turn off the lights to coax him to sleep, do not blindly indulge baby. If you really need a lamp at night to take care of the baby, to buy time to choose the soft light lamp, night light installation position and not facing the baby’s eyes. Pictures from the network to provide quality medical doctors Dudu online health services for the incubation period of family, pregnancy, pregnancy, postpartum open equipment, 0~3 years old baby related health open class, can also turn a key three doctor telephone, let pregnant and parenting more simple. Welcome to add group 490752568, and more treasure mom exchange相关的主题文章: