Autumn hot spring spa peacock city 130-220 square meters of Southeast Asia Xindu hot spring compound future days of blue skies, the sky in autumn officially arrived. Sunny weather, the temperature is not to mention the spirit, many people have started her long johns. In October, the fall is also relatively more cool and dry. Hot spring, is the enjoyment of the four seasons, the term, but the most matched with the fall. Bubble hot springs not only promote physical health, but also a cultural connotation of a leisure activity. In the spring of Xindu peacock city (real estate information) spa courtyard, enjoy the best autumn family health experience, the dry weather Say No! In autumn, the changing climate, at this time, people exposed facial skin has a taut feeling. This is due to accelerated evaporation of skin moisture, skin stratum corneum water shortage. If the skin is dry, serious water shortage, impede the beauty. So, in such a season, the whole family together in their own courtyard bubble hot spring is the most suitable for the! While enjoying the beauty and health, family happiness, live laughter in the time is really very comfortable when you are feeling the pressure of work, life is full, should with the fresh wind, soaking in the hot springs of aerosol transpiration, relaxes in lazy relaxed, happy, let your mind quiet entry. Xindu peacock City spa spa is one of the four famous hot field in the world, the water temperature can reach 80 DEG C, rich in a variety of beneficial minerals, for the beauty of the people, here is the best choice of hot springs. Bubble hot springs to speed up the body’s metabolism, accelerate the elimination of toxins in the body. In the hot spring pool to add red wine, Chinese medicine, more conducive to clean the skin to maintain smooth pores, anti-aging effect. Autumn and spring is the best match in the face of health, dry autumn, enjoy the whole family happiness in their own home spa compound can be. Live in hot springs Xindu peacock City, the new airport health district (Zai Jian), enjoy the city supporting (construction area) 130-220 square meters spa courtyard in Southeast asia. A courtyard, a private soup, daily home spa, enjoy the house ten years earlier. Details Tel: 400-819-1111 to 611171相关的主题文章: