August CPI rose "accident" innovation low expert: hard to drop – Beijing, Beijing, September 9 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Li Jinlei) National Bureau of statistics data released today show that in August CPI rose 1.3%, the biggest increase since October last year, the lowest since (1.3%). Experts said that the main reason for the sharp fall in food prices is expected to fall, the price is unlikely to continue to fall sharply in the future, is expected to run CPI will be basically stable. CPI trend chart. From the National Bureau of Statistics website CPI August "accident" new low data show that in August CPI rose 1.3% last month dropped 0.5 percentage points, the highest since October last year lows (1.3%). August CPI was significantly lower than the previous market expectations of around 1.7%." Renmin University of China School of Finance vice president Zhao Xijun Beijing (WeChat public number: cns2012) told reporters that the price increase has declined sharply, is affected by the current international and domestic demand is weak; the two is a high base last year; the three is the current supply of consumer goods is enough, the price lacks upward momentum, some food prices appear larger drop. Specific data showed that pork prices rose 6.4%, 9.7 percentage points lower than last month; egg prices fell 7.4%, a decline of 5.4 percentage points last month to expand; fresh fruit prices rose 0.5% from last month dropped by 0.6%. The National Bureau of Statistics Division Senior Statistician Yu Qiumei city in the interpretation of that in August last year, food prices rose 1.6%, the highest since 2011 rose, raise the comparison base in August of this year, food prices in August rose only 1.3%, last month dropped 2 percentage points, the direct effect of CPI rose last month fell 0.38 percentage points. Data chart. In new network reporter Li Jinlei photo experts said the price continues to drop is unlikely for the future price trend, the economic forecast Department of the state information center director Zhu Baoliang told Xinhua reporters, from price data, CPI 3 consecutive months to maintain the "1 times", major problems facing the current price is not economic. Zhao Xijun analysis, although some previous natural disasters, but the overall impact on agricultural production is not large, with the fall harvest of agricultural products, supply is not large, the price is expected to remain stable, large fluctuations do not appear. With falling costs continue to fall, the effect is more obvious, the overall price stability will be better." Zhao Xijun believes that from the current situation, the price is likely to fall further is not great, because some raw material prices have begun to rise, the future will be transmitted to the consumer goods field. Traffic bank chief economist Lian Ping believes that with the summer flood and summer crop production in the past, vegetables gradually restored, logistics transport back to normal, the upward pressure on food and consumer goods prices weakened, the price of pork rose will usher in a downward phase, is expected to gradually decline, the future CPI operation)相关的主题文章: