At the foot of the Great Wall in autumn in Beijing commune – Sohu is the most beautiful time before and after the mid autumn festival tourism city. The weather is just the length of day and night be neither hot nor cold, even divided. There is no winter wind blowing from the yellow and Mongolia, there is no dog days with hail storm. The day is so high, so blue, so bright, like smiling and told Beijing people: in these days, the nature will not give you what threat and damage. Xishan Beishan deepen some blue, every evening with colored xiapei. Lao She "- Peking autumn" autumn in Beijing, is the most love season I grew up like that, as Lao She described, "Beijing autumn is heaven on earth, perhaps a little bit more prosperous than the heaven!" So every time this time, unless the official, otherwise I will rarely leave Beijing, because do not want to miss this beautiful autumn time is too short. As a traveler often and hotel on the road control, but surrounding of his hometown Beijing is not very understanding, always the envy of Jiangnan friends, drive 1, 2 hours can be entered into the nature a beautiful home, had a vacation away from the noise of the light… Commune by the Great Wall… The 12 houses, famous for the 12 Asian architects were designed at the foot of the Great Wall, as a blend in architectural circle of non professionals, although has been with the 12 house of curiosity, but because the hotel room shows pictures of the small and simple, and does not match with the feeling prices, and has not admitted the idea. Years later, in a chance, I really walked into the commune, and here in 2016 ushered in the fall of Beijing! In the commune of the two phase of the project, the original part of the architect were replicated and modified, popular bamboo house and the red house is almost occupied more than two of the proportion of the 50% phase of the project, to meet everyone’s needs to stay. This time I was admitted to the China, design architect Anton Mr. red house, and although I most look forward to design Japanese architect Mr. Kumake Go’s bamboo house missed, but in the red house harvest surprise! Because the day before just under the rain, some water on the steps, so some slip, plus the medial wall in some skin, a pair of "broken" in appearance, so that I can not help some concern… However… To open the door, bright and full of color space should be looked out through the woods and hills, people can not help excited, too late to go to the room, and then rushed to the balcony, overlooking the majestic stretches of the Great Wall, in a wild profusion of vegetation in the valley, click into place! For a hotel room control, comfort is also very important, with the mood of entering the room, nestled in the shade under the bedroom scenery let me ignore the narrow space, such as bathrooms are generally bright bedroom, a hanging heart finally settled! Every house here are in accordance with the design of the villa, 4-5 bedroom villa, the other is the public space, the hotel room is equipped with a bar in the public space in the kitchen, so you experience a great extent depends on the.相关的主题文章: