Argentina found 30 tons of super meteorites called the world’s this year, in September, Argentina found a super meteorite, weighing up to 30 tons, is the world’s heaviest meteorite in the world. According to the British Daily Mail reported that recently, the town of Saido, Argentina, found a large meteorite quality, the weight of about 30 tons, is the world’s largest meteorite found in the world’s second. At present, this huge meteorite will be measured again. It is reported that in September 10th, scientists discovered the meteorite, it was discovered in the town of Saido mining, the town is located 1085 kilometers north of Argentina, capital of Buenos Aires. So far, researchers do not clear the meteorite the width or height of Argentina, Chaco province astronomical institute director Mario – Wes (Mario Vesconi) said, ‘we think this meteorite weight does not exceed 30 tons, it is likely that it is about 4000 years ago from a metal meteorites, appeared in Argentina at the time of Chaco and Santiago Del Estero Province over the meteor shower. The original meteorite weighs about 800 tons, the energy from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, it split into a plurality of meteorites part, scattered in the range of 320 square kilometers. It is the world’s second largest meteorite Hobart meteorite, only, it is found in the Namibia plain, the weight reached 66 tons. After the discovery of a giant meteorite in Argentina El Chaco area, estimated to weigh 2884 tons, if this is the case, means that Argentina will have two pieces of the world’s largest meteorite. How long does the asteroid hit Earth?相关的主题文章: